Saturday, October 22, 2005

Look What The Cat Brought Home...

This morning Jamie and I went to rent some movies (Jamie wanted an X-box game) and there was a bunch of movies that I was looking for, which I found at a video place near my house, so we stopped there on our way to breakfast, which actually turned out to be lunch. I absolutely love this bagel shop that we sometimes go to, and everytime I have the exact same thing: The traditional bagel (whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, lox and onions), with a green salad and an Ohh La La shake. I don't know what's in the shake, but it's absolutely wonderful! Jamie treated to breakfast.

Today, doing some work in my office, Jamie calls out to me "Honey, you have to come here, but please don't freak out!" I was curious as to what was going on, and in the hallway, there was a dead field mouse. (I thought that maybe one of my picture frames fell off the wall and smashed, or something else, but never did I imagine a DEAD MOUSE!) NOT sure how it got there, but one of our cats was kind of proudly owning up to it. He was sitting there and acting like he was the king. Both of our cats are indoor cats, so we're not too sure what happened, but our cats definitely didn't get it from outside, since there is no way for them to get outdoors. Jamie was PETRIFIED so guess who had to clean it up and toss it in the trash can outside? ME! Here are pictures that I took of the incident.

Pretty sick eh? I couldn't believe my eyes! Atleast my cat didn't eat it! That's what I'm really happy about!

Here's Zeus, king of his world:

I had to share these images! I can't just keep them to myself!

Just finished watching Batman Begins - what a good movie. I really enjoyed it. Too bad we kept getting phone calls during the movie - I hate that!

Well, I'm off to my brother's surprise 22nd birthday party.

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