Friday, October 21, 2005

Scrapbooking for school?

So I actually get to scrapbook for school. This is actually something that I love to do. Well, it's more of a journal - a 'creativity' journal that we have to do. The class is actually called 'Creativity'. It's part of my requirements for the 1 year Graphic Design program am I taking. I gradate on Aug 11/06, and so far, one month and a bit into school - I am loving it. All my projects are cool. The only thing that sucks - is that I have to be up really early as I have classes (4 classes only) 4 days a week at 8 am. Tuesdays are my day off. So, this creativity journal. We're supposed to make 1, and it can be small enough to fit in our purse/backpack, and carry it around with us, so when we have ideas, or something is inspiring, we can draw it in, write it in, paste it in, etc. Well, I fell in love with this project, and I'm currently working on journal number 2. I finished the other one in half a semester, and my teacher is actually really excited to see my final project, which will be 2 journals. I absolutely love it so much, that I plan on keeping them - forever and forever. That's the first time I can actually say that I'm keeping a school project... most of the time, projects get thrown out.... Oh well.
Today after class, I headed in my new car, to the West Island (of Montreal) and went to this dollar store that my aunt told me about (Dollar Zone) and checked out their entire scrapbooking section. I absolutely love the fact that I can get stuff for my project at the dollar store. They have an incredible scrapbooking section. They actually sell some of the same stuff that my fave scrapbooking store, Scrapbook Centrale, sells. (And for a few bucks cheaper). But of course since I headed out West this afternoon, I had to check out Scrapbook Centrale, or it just wouldn't have been fair.

I still have only the pictures from friends and the disposable cameras from the tables.... I have yet to get a phone call from my professional photographer, who promised me it would only be 3-4 weeks for my pictures. I'll give it until the end of next week, which will bring us into November, and I'll see then, if she hasn't called - I'll call her, and find out what's going on with my proofs!

Ok, bed time. I've got to get up at 6:25 am to get ready to go to class. Thank goodness I found time this evening to make myself some food for break (we get a 30-40 minute break in each class, smack in the middle, and it's always nice) and I'm always hungry. I'm on a strike right now, I refuse to spend money in the school cafe. I find that it's expensive and I can make a better pasta salad for cheaper. And especially since I'm on a diet (since March - and I've reached my goal) and not eating white flour nor sugar (Glycemic Index Diet), I make my pasta salads with whole wheat pasta, which I'm allowed! I've lost 25 lbs since March 22nd, 2005, which was my goal. And I want to keep it off!

Anyhow, off to bed. More tomorrow.

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