Sunday, October 30, 2005

Forgot About The Time Change

I woke up just now, thinking that I was getting up late, as I have to be at my in-laws for 11 am, as I'm learning how to make meat sauce. (My mother-in-law's famous meat sauce). Delicious. I'm going to make a HUGE pot, and bring lots of it home in containers! I have to shower, and go to the grocery store before I go to her house, because I forgot to pick up the ingredients I need for the meat sauce yesterday when I went to pick up food for dinner last night. However, it's actually an hour earlier than I thought, because of Daylight Savings change last night in the middle of the night! An extra hour to putz around this morning! I won't say no to that!

Dinner last night was very nice. We had Jamie's step-cousin Melanie over with her boyfriend Maxime. They are very nice people, and they are around our age, so it's nice to have family like that. We had fondu, which was sooo good. Jamie and I hadn't had fondu in the longest time. I really enjoy having it with friends, because you can make your dinner, and chat and be all relaxed with some wine. It was perfect. I was very artsy with creating the plates of salad, meat, etc, last night. I have having fun. The presentation looked good. I should have taken a picture, oh well.

So my sister brought by a copy of Dogs Annual 2006, and MY PHOTO IS NOT IN THERE IN THE PLACE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! It's supposed to be on page 381 for the Purina ad for Feeding Senior Dogs. Instead there is a picture of an ugly ass PUG. I'm going to call up Dogs Annual on Monday, I know exactly who I spoke to, and I'm going to ask her what page my image was published on, because she told me that they were using one of my images.

It's now around 10 a.m. and I should get into a shower and get my butt to the grocery store, and over to my in-laws. I think I'm going to bring the scarf I'm knitting for my mother-in-law so that I can work on it while the meat is cooking on the stove. We're going to watch the movie Hotel Rwanda while the meat sauce is cooking, as we've both been meaning to watch that movie. It's on my list of movies to watch. The list right now is:

1. Hotel Rwanda
2. The Sea Inside
3. Million Dollar Baby
4. Finding Neverland
5. Divided We Fall
6. Oldboy
7. Heartlands
8. The Woodsman
9. The Keeper
10. This Girl's Life
11. The boys & girl from Claire County
12. Childstar
13. Nobody Knows
14. Rosenstrasse
15. House of D
16. Me & You & Everyone we Know
17. Turtles Can Fly
18. Heights (comes out on Tuesday)
19. March of the Penguins (Comes out at the end of November)
20. Madagascar (comes out mid-November)
In no particular order!
I'm off to get my day started.

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