Thursday, October 27, 2005

Whole Wheat Pizza

I had a super lunch today - Delissio now makes a pizza called "Balance". Whole wheat dough and low fat cheese. And I was cursing in the grocery store like three weeks ago when Jamie and I went to Loblaws to do a huge grocery order, that there is never any "prepared" foods that I can just shove in the oven or in the microwave that are "G.I." friendly. (For the diet/lifestyle change I made). It was delicious! So glad that Delissio listened to my wishes! Too bad it's only a personal size pizza - it would be perfect to serve for dinner for both Jamie and I. Maybe they'll make a new size if the small size is a hit?

My weakness this week: Ketchup chips. Yes they are ZERO TRANS FAT, but they are potato. (Which is a NO-NO on the G.I. diet), but I am PMSing and that is what I'm craving, so I'm giving in - this one thing, and this one thing only. When the bag is finished, that's it. NO MORE.

This evening Jamie is going to his friend Adam's house to watch the hockey game, and I'm going to work in Adobe Illustrator all evening on my logos which is what my midterm is on tomorrow. I am a little frustrated, but anyhow! I've got pots on the stove waiting to boil (I'm making Jamie regular pasta and myself whole wheat), we're having a simple dinner tonight. Jamie would have whole wheat pasta too - but the box it comes in doesn't give that much, and I want for lunch tomorrow for school. I will make myself a pesto cold salad for school with the leftovers.

Off to finish making dinner and then to the Pharmacy to get the 2006 edition of Dogs Annual!

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