Saturday, October 29, 2005

Knitting Stuff

I just started cleaning up my house as we're having guests in less than 4 hours and I still need to shower and get to the grocery store for the fondu meats for dinner. I kinda find it funny that I have a purse "trunk". I have a treasure chest that is FULL with purses. I'm dying to actually count how much I actually have. I think that will be a project for either later today or tomorrow. Anyhow, so when I was living at my apartment with my fiance, I had a purse "tree". A coat rack from Ikea, that looked like a tree because there was SOOOO many purses on it. When we moved, I cleaned it up, some went to our garage sale, and some that were really used, I donated. (Either out of fashion purses, broken purses, etc.) Can you tell I like pink?

When we moved to our house, I decided to use the coat rack for something else, (not even coats! LOL) and got a nice wood trunk with my Hbc points. Now it's full with purses!

So I want to show my progress of my 2 scarves that I'm currently knitting. The first one is for myself, a black simple scarf (probably with shitty wool):

I'm getting pretty far into my scarf, this is 2 small balls of yarn, I just picked up a MEGA ball (the hugest thing I've ever seen) of black yarn, to finish off my scarf, which I plan on making it REALLY long, because I love to wrap myself up in winter many times around - long scarves rock!

This is the scarf I started for my mother-in-law - since she says she doesn't own a scarf. Who doesn't own a scarf? Seriously. I own like 10 at least or more. I love being cozy in the winter. I'm making it in earth tones. (Red, brown, cream). I hope she likes it. And the wool is sooooo fuzzy. This is the fanciest wool I've knitted with so far, considering my yarn for my black scarf is just the simplest yarn you can find.

I'm dying to learn how to crochet an afghan.

I need to finish laundry, and clean my bathroom for our dinner guests, as well as go to the grocery store to pick up dinner, and take a shower! So I'm going to get moving, or I'll never be ready in time. My sister is going to be in town tonight, so she's going to bring over my mom's copy of Dogs Annual 2006, so I can flip through and find my published image. My mom still can't find it - although she has no idea what she's looking for. So when I get it, I'll scan it and post it up!

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