Monday, October 24, 2005

Beer Bottles = Money!

My exam this morning wasn't bad at all. I knew what I was doing, and we were allowed notes, so it wasn't too bad at all. I actually accomplished the exam before time was up, and with plenty of time to go over it. I'm expecting a good mark on it. Not perfect, but pretty damn close.
After class I had a ton of errands to run. I ran home first to see if the mail had come, but it hadn't. My mail was always punctial by 9 am.... then it became noon.... and now, it's some random time in the middle of the afternoon. I hope my mail carrier is just sick or on vacation - I want the old person back! I like the old schedule better!

Then I returned 3 bags of cans and bottles, and a case of beer to the grocery store and made $5.45. Not bad. When you buy a bottle of anything, or beer, etc, you are actually paying for the deposit, which is what I just got back when I brought the bottle back to the store. So if a store is advertising a bottle of coke for .97 cents, you're actually paying $1.02 (.05 cent deposit on bottles of soda and cans of soda). And what sucks is the fact that when you're buying the soda bottle, you're paying taxes on the .05 cent deposit, but when you drop them back off for reimbursement, you don't get the taxes back. What's up with that? Oh well... I had been meaning to take the bottles back for a long time now, when it was just 1 bag and 1 case of beer. Today it was 3 full garbage bags of soda bottles plus the case of beer.

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