Monday, December 18, 2000

School Marks & Aggrevation!

I decided to try and call the grade line once again. The marks were supposed to be posted on the grade line on Friday. Anyhow, I got through and my marks were posted. I got my autobiography mark! I got a 70% in that class. I have no idea how I got so high in that class! I was expecting, no joke, a 65% in that class! So all my marks this semester are above 70%. I am still awaiting for my french mark. That I know will be above a 75% for sure. I am expecting between an 80-85% in that class this semester. I am so proud of myself. If I do put my mind towards something, I can accomplish and do well! 2 more things regarding my marks... 1) My art literature mark is posted at 82% on the grade line when I saw the list posted on my teacher's cork board, and she had given me an 83%. I just left her a message. I wasn't sure what to do. Because I don't know if a) she decided to change her mind before handing in the marks, or b) made a mistake on the paper outside her office or c) made a mistake entering in the marks. Now, I don't care for 1%, it won't budge my average up that much, but, if it is the teacher's mistake, then I believe that it deserves to be adjusted. Don't you? What do you think?

And the second thing.... 2) My Creative Writing mark is not posted, when I know that the teacher gave me an 84% and the marks should have been handed in on Friday. Argh! I hope nothing is wrong. I worry all the time. And I hope that I am able to get the classes I want next semester. I won't know until I register next Thursday. I can't wait. I don't want time to fly, but I do. I am enjoying this relaxing state, but I also want to celebrate New Years with E and get my first New Years kiss from my boyfriend! And I want to celebrate things like the holidays and so forth, but I do not want to go back to school... Anyhow, I am in a good mood! Later

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