Sunday, December 10, 2000

~Reasons Why I Love You~

Since it’s winter break for me, (almost, plus a French exam) I have plenty of time to do my arts and crafts. I started (and almost finished) the overdue scrapbook that I am making my boyfriend. I will be giving it to him tomorrow, as I am sleeping at his house again :) It’s just more convenient for my exam on Tuesday. Plus, I am going to my teacher’s house tomorrow for her little Party. I have no idea what that’s all about! Anyhow! For my boyfriend’s scrapbook, I wrote him a poem… It’s cheesy, and it rhymes and I suck at poetry, but it’s all good, and he will like it, so it’s all good!

Reasons Why I Love You
You’re fun to be with,
You’re sweet as can be,
You’re cute as a button,
And you love me.
You keep my secrets,
You make me laugh when I am sad,
You are smart and athletic,
You look sexy when you are mad.
You encourage me when I am frustrated,
You help me succeed and move on,
You remembered my birthday,
You know how to shake your bon-bon.
We can talk on the phone for hours on end,
You always give me wake-up calls,
You make me feel loved,
You even took me to Niagara Falls.

So I hope you like my little poem! It’s cheesy as hell I know! I’ve been meaning to finish his scrapbook up for over 2 months now, but school got in the way and came first, unfortunately!! I am presenting it to him tomorrow, along with a little gift. I am getting him, a frame and putting in this gorgeous picture of the two of us.

Anyhow, more later.. Just wanted to share my poem with you!

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