Thursday, December 07, 2000

Want to share my dream

I got enough sleep last night, for once. I had a nice 11 hour sleep. I feel asleep just before midnight, for a change too! I haven't done that in a while... I am sitting here typing up my final manuscript. I am generally a fast typist and want to get that over with, but it seems to be taking longer than expected. That's probably because I keep getting distracted. Email, OD, argh... it never ends!

So I had an amazing dream last night. They say that what you dream at night, has something that was part of your day that day. Well, my dream in no way happened yesterday, since my status with my boyfriend is still the same, but I kinda realize what they mean. I think because I got everything off my chest, and everything between us is good again, my dream was just one of those reassuring things. Who knows....

So, my dream... You want to know what happened? Well, in my dream, my boyfriend proposed to me, and I said yes! But, it's still too early in our relationship, and I dont think he'd ask me just yet. Maybe in a year from now. Maybe by our 2 year, if we're still together. But you know what's funny? The fact that we both know that we will be together for a long time. We talk about things that we are going to do or go to see or things like that next year. We have a big bash in January for his friends birthday. We have another friend's wedding in June and another in October '01. He even made sure he wasnt playing hockey on Valentine's Day so that we could do something special together. He's got his great qualities, this boy, just as he has his faults. But I love him to pieces anyhow...ahh!

Hey, remember last weekend I mentioned something about my boyfriend not telling me about his Xmas Work Dinner for tomorrow night? Well he just called me and told me that there has been a small change in plan, and that if I would like to accompany him, he'd be more than delighted. So I am taking him up on his offer and attending with him. :) I like the way things work out for me in my favour, sometimes. Today I am a very happy camper... The only bad thing, is, that I have to go to work tonight, and that's going to be stress, and hell! Must get back to work... AHHH!

School's over tomorrow! YESSS!!

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