Monday, December 04, 2000

Customs & Expensive Living

This morning, like all mornings, my mom bitched at me to get into the bathroom to get washed up to get my buttox moving to get to school. She also wanted to wake my brother up so he could take his shower before my mom woke my sister up. It's mad when it comes to bathroom time in the morning in my house. Everyone is in need of the bathroom... Even though my mom and dad have their own bathroom, and there is a bathroom downstairs, that one doesnt have a shower and there is not mat or rug in there so if I don't put on socks in the morning, it's freaking cold! :(

Anyhow, so I could technically use the bathroom downstairs for sink purposes, but when I need the fancy mirror work in the "kids" bathroom, that's what we call it in our house, then, I can't go use the downstairs bathroom. Plus all my toileteries are in my cabinet in the "kids" bathroom. Urgh, all these issues would be solved, IF, I didnt live at home or had my own bathroom. But that isn't happening anytime soon, so it's all good. So I guess I will have to live with her bitching..

I bought bus/metro tickets this morning to be able to get to school. Usually my parents buy my bus/metro pass, but I didnt think it was worth it to get the 48$ bus pass when I only have 6 days of classes. I can get 6 tickets for $8.25 and I need 12 tickets to last me... That's $16.50... That was so expensive. Anyhow, my mother made me pay for it since I owe her money... Sneaky way to get me to pay her, don't you think? I can't believe how expensive it is to travel by public transportation these days. It's ridiculous, don't you agree? I don't see why the cost of living has to keep going up each year... There is NO reason for that!

I got my dance teacher's email address. She my teacher for my drama concentration class at school. She's my awesome, single, Jewish (I am too) teacher, who rocks. I am going to set her up with someone. She awesome, and I can't let her live her life alone... The initial reason why she gave me her email address is because she said I could email her on next Tuesday, and find out my mark from in her class. I am not going to be doing any setting up until at least she's handed in my class marks! I don't want any trouble!! Or lose marks on my final mark. I was talking to her this morning, and she told me that she's a fairly giving person. She gives an easy 80%. So that's good on my part. I feel that I deserve a lot better than that, because a) I did not miss a lot of classes, b) I did the assignments that she gave us to my fullest (110%) and also, I worked hard (even with my bad asthma) during her classes, even if it was a fun, easy dance class.

Before I was debating whether to stay in school or not for that creative writing reading session my teacher is holding tonight. But I figured before that I would go home tonight as I do have unfinished work that is due this week (one thing for Wednesday, one thing for Thursday and one thing for Friday) and if I want to see my boyfriend tomorrow night, then I should go home and start on some work... I should stop procrastinating like the rest of the semester and since it's the last week, not leave everything to the night before, and hand things in on time. That would be nice for once... Then next week I can do what I want, because I will be out of school for almost 2 months! I can't wait for that...

I mailed a package to a friend who is teaching sailing for a year in the U.S. Virgin Islands for a year. I miss her so much. I mailed her some Christmas gifts and other things that she has been missing, that I got from hints in her emails. Instant Coffee (the good canadian type...) Tampons, *yes* you read that right! Tampons... Because they only have those cardboard ones in the country she is in, and she will not use them. So I sent her assorted tampons... I sent her stuff like chocolate and so forth... and stuff to make her little room that she occupies down there a little bit more cozy :) Am I a good friend or what???

I am on my 2nd to last 6 hour break ever at school for this semester. If I end up with long 6 hour breaks next semester, someone else may suffer... Oh, I can't take these long, sometimes boring breaks... Tonight's class that I have at 4pm will be totally useless, I just know it. I will keep you informed later on that.

I just met up with my friend from OD!! We met in this chill area at school. She's awesome. We met/met for the first time today, even though, as I mentioned earlier, we had been to a meeting for the literary club thing at school. She's incharge of that or something. Anyhow, it's really cool, because she's a nice person, and I enjoy making new friends. It's always good, right? It's such a small world, because we met on OD and so happen to go to the same school as one another, along with 9,000 other students! So now I have one hour left until my next class. I don't know what to do... Maybe I will go clean out my locker a little bit more, maybe I won't.. Who knows...

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