Friday, December 15, 2000

Feeling Great

I just got over 12 hours of sleep again, 2nd night in a row, and I am feeling great! Also, on top of it, I just had a long chat with my mum and we haven't done that in a while, so that was good. Especially since I have been mad at her for a little bit, but now I think we're cool. For now, a little while, at least. I raided my sister's closet yesterday and tried on a couple of her pairs of pants. Pants that I never thought I'd ever fit in.. One of them are even too big! I guess I've lost some weight or something, which is totally ok with me, I am totally fine with that!! Hee hee! Giggle... So I was strutting around the house last night, in my sister's fake leather pants (they are plastic or something, plus, if they were real I wouldn't wear them, because I am a vegetarian and stand by my morals and values.) Anyhow, my sister is very tall and slim and I've always envied her for her gorgeous body. Grrr! Not fair, but now I fit into her pants, and that makes me feel better about myself! So yey!

Anyhow, I've got to go clean up my room and get some food into my tummy. E's coming over after he gets off work at 4pm (in 30 minutes) but with traffic (damn this city and their construction) he'll be here by 4:30-4:45 pm latest. So I've got plenty of time still. We've got reservations (YEY!) at my fave restaurant in my area, and we're going there at 7:30pm. I have no idea what we're doing after that. Something fun, I hope! We're going out to celebrate my successful semester at school! I love being rewarded. And I am wearing one of my sister's pants that she gave me (the ones I wore last night to work and out to V&B were red and plastic (I don't know if they were supposed to imitate leather or not) and they were hot pants. But those are my sister's and I just borrowed them! The ones that I am wearing tonight, are black dressy pants, but they make me look thinner than I am, and I like them, so they are hot pants too! They are too big on my sister so those she gave to me!! :)

Speaking of success in school, here's an update. (I've learned another mark!) So that bring me up to...

Dance ... 87% (that's my new mark that I got today!)
Creative Writing ... 84%
Art Lit ... 83%
Painting ... 82%
French and Autobiography are both still undecided! :( I am happy so far with the marks I've received. It's been successful so far! All above 80's!

More to come later, for sure.

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