Saturday, December 09, 2000

Palm V & Beaver Tails

I went to Price Club this morning with my boyfriend and his parents. They've slowly been coming out of the house and doing things (his father had a quadruple bypass and his mother had breast cancer, and they have been recovering wonderfully) and that's good for them! I picked up some VHS tapes because I a) needed new ones and b) I wanted some 8 hour tapes instead of 6 hour ones. Then we went into FutureShop (my boyfriend and I) and we bought an answering machine for my sister, for her birthday. Her birthday is Dec. 19th, and she had her party already in November. She had one of those big blow out parties, as it will be her 16th birthday. Her party was fun. I got some great photos. Anyhow, I am impatient to give it to her. I left it in her room with a note on it, as we got her a card for her party. Didn't want to go completely empty handed. I was going to make her wait until her birthday to give her the answering machine, but since I bought it already, I may as well let her use it, right? I want the Palm Pilot V. I have the Palm Pilot III and without it I would be even more disorganized! Right now my disorganization is pretty bad... Imagine me without it! I can't. Anyhow, the V is way nicer than the III and my III is giving me troubles. Sometimes some of the buttons stick. I don't even know where I could go to get customer service. No idea! I got the Palm as a birthday gift when I turned 18. It was a nice present from my dad.

Went to see my boyfriend's hockey game, and I brought along my camera with my black and white film. I want to finish that roll already. Anyhow, I was taking some pictures and only took a few. But E decided to get stubborn and yell at me from on the ice to put the camera away. He yelled it so rudely I was embarrassed. There were other people in the stands, including E's father, and a few other guys who were playing hockey right after, but that I know, through E. Anyhow, if he would have asked nicely, like, "could you please put away the camera, the flash is distracting the players" then I would have been a happy camper, but that's not the way it happened. It was "PUT AWAY THE CAMERA NOW..." and that pissed me off! So I turned my back to the rink and didn't watch the rest of the game. It's too bad I didn't have my car with me, I would have left, honestly, I was that pissed off. E's dad told me to leave it alone, but whatever... I wanted to be stubborn. After hockey we worked things out, thank goodness. It was good that we got everything out in the open. He was the one who came to me, and told me that he doesn't like to see me upset. That was so reassuring :)

For dinner, we went to Toyo, this Japanese Steak House. That was nice. We went with two of E's friends, this couple that we've been out with before. E's friend Dave is going out with Jody. Anyhow I was searching through my purse for something and took out the things that were on top, one being my Palm Pilot. Jody took out hers, and we swapped (beamed) over programs. We were having a blast. There was this table of jappy girls next to us. The sad thing, is that I know some of them, they go to my school. No one that I would be friends with, though. That's a good thing.

After dinner we went to see the movie Proof of Life. That's the one with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe. We all enjoyed it. Too many guns and stuff like that, but what can you do! I don't like that sort of thing. Wish it would be eliminated. I had a beaver tail instead of regular popcorn during the movie. I hate popcorn. So boring. I felt the beaver tail going down though. All the fattening shit that's in it!! And all that sugar, mmmm!

Dave is a goofball. He is the type of guy, when drunk, you don't want to know him, yet you want to see the goofy shit he does!! He had this tape in the car that we were listening to, from times when he used to call this radio station that some friends used to work at. He'd call (it's a sports show) and chat with the guys live on the air, in a disguised voice. At first they had no idea who he was, but then they figured him out, and went along with it. Dave had to have like 2 full tapes in his car or something. We were all laughing hysterically. All in all, I had a good time. I love going out on double dates. It makes me feel older and more sophisticated. Don't ask. I don't know! I am starting to get into a really good mood :) I hope it never ends!!!

E invited me to stay with him for a couple of day during the last week of December. I think I am going to do that. His parents may be going to Albany, NY for a couple of days, to get away for a bit. So I want to plan some fun things for E and I do to!

Off to bed, I said.. I have to work tomorrow, Bleh!

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