Thursday, December 14, 2000

Oops... Fell Asleep!

When I crawled back into my cozy bed, I fell back asleep. That's ok. I know I got a few phone calls, but I don't remember what they were all about.

I don't even want to go home tonight after work anymore. My mother is not being nice and causing this huge argument. That's ok, because she thinks she can talk to me like I am 4 yrs old, and I am not taking that bullshit. No way... I am of legal age, and have been for over a year and a half, and I hate this car curfew and telling me what to do business. Yes, ok, I know, I live under their roof, but still, I am of legal age, and I shouldn't have to deal with this. They just don't want to let go, and I hate that! Argh! I think maybe instead of going out drinking tonight, maybe I will come home and watch the movie The Patriot which I taped downstairs.

Speaking of which let me go get the tape before anyone touches the VCR.

... Ok, got it!

I am so aggravated right now. My mom put me in a very bad mood. But I love my parents with all my heart, so I don't know how that all applies. Argh! Frustration. When I go and get my allergy test, and it shows that I am allergic to dogs, let's say. There is no way in hell my mom is going to give up our dog. Our dog is her pride and joy. Her life. So does that mean I get to move out? But, I can't afford it on my own... so does that mean that I get a place paid for by my parents? Aww, that would totally rock! I could move into E's place, but I don't think a) he'd want me there at his parent's house, b) I don't think I'd want to move in there. It's ok to stay there once in a while, but for good? You've got to be kidding me! c) Maybe if I get a place of my own, E will spend some nights at my new place. I'd have to get a new bed. A nice huge bed. I'd love that. But I am dreaming in colour, so I know this is all not going to happen. I guess it's nice to dream sometimes~ But if I were to move out, I'd so be ready. Plus I'd love to live in town, where it's closer to school. See, now, I'd probably want to live alone. Cuz the only person that I'd want to live with, would be E, and I don't think his parents believe in pre-marital living together. Well, actually I know that his parents don't believe in pre-marital living arrangements. Not even if we were engaged. I think it has to be wedding night, type thing. That's what happened with his sister and her husband. They official moved in the night of their wedding. They slept in their new place that night, and their honeymoon wasn't til the following week I believe.

When I get married, I either want to leave right away for my honeymoon or be isolated from the world with my new husband for a day or two. I don't know why, it's just like that. I dream too much, I swear!

Anyhow, back to the real world. My mom is causing trouble with the date that we are going out as a family (with grandparents and all) for my sister and mother's birthdays. At first she wanted to go out the 23rd. And I was upset a tad, cuz that was my Saturday night. But then I kind of agreed to that, and she said well maybe on christmas day. I blew up at her, because Christmas Day I am going skiing. E may not have as many days as he thought off from work, and that's one day he for sure has. He promised me we'd go skiing once this winter, and that may be our only chance. Plus the fact that I am sleeping in town for 3-4 days that week, as E's parents will be out of town, and it's stupid for me to run back and forth. So I suggested maybe the 20th the Wednesday night, and she has to consult with my father. I hope it's that night. I'd rather go out mid-week to not ruin my plans for skiing. I haven't skied in a couple of years and I finally have someone who will take me, and I may have to cancel because my mom is being stubborn. There are so many other good days to go, and it's ridiculous already.

Argh... I am so irritated over the situation.... Emotionally yesterday was a good day. Today, is a very very bad depressed day. I am so aggravated with life, with things, and it's starting to piss me off. Argh! I feel bad about myself on days like today, and I just wish my life were different. I don't know. Today is just a bad bad day. I am going to go shower to let myself cool down.

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