Saturday, December 16, 2000

What Women Want?

Slept in and caught up on some sleep. Felt good. Went to see E play hockey this afternoon. He played 2 games in a row. Oooh, smelly! Really! The first game he subbed for a friend who couldn't make the game and then his team was on. I love watching their games, when E behaves that is. Sometimes their games are far more interesting than going to a game at the Molsen Center or watching the NHL... After hockey, and after he showered (of course) E and I went to the mall for dinner and a movie. We went to this restaurant called Sternz and this guy who dropped autobiography (the class I struggled with) happened to be a bus boy there. That was funny bumping into him. Not really. Anyhow, E went to get tickets at the theater next door in the mall and when he was there he bumped into my grandmother who had just seen that movie, so she came into the restaurant for 5 minutes to say hello. I love bumping into her. It's my mom's mom. She's my favorite grandparent... E and I saw the movie What Women Want. Cute movie that was! I love Mel Gibson. What do women want? Honestly? We are so complicated!! After the movie we bumped into my grandmother's sister, who was going to see that movie as well! I like bumping into people I know! We picked up a 6 pack of Corona's (pretty much the only beer I like) and we headed over to a friend's house. I had 2 of the 6 beers, E drank the other 4. We had some shots of vodka and we were all having a good time. I wore a pair of red hot pants that I borrowed, but I was a little uncomfortable in them. I have to not eat for like 3 days before if I want to be able to sit down in those pants. Because they go so low down in the back and then my underwear shows, and bleh... But I had a good time, and then since E had more to drink than I did, I drove his car back to his place and I don't even know how I made it, since I was a little tipsy myself. I had fun, it was fun! Now I am going to bed. I have work tomorrow!

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