Monday, December 18, 2000

Good Laugh

Just got a good laugh! My brother bought my sister some goldfish for her birthday. I told my sister's boyfriend to go get her some tropical fish for her birthday. He already got her these really nice earrings, but doesn't want to show up tomorrow night empty handed you know... My dad was going to go tomorrow to get her a fish for her birthday. You see, her fish passed away not to long ago. I can't remember the exact date or what not, but it passed away and we think we know why... She had her goldfish that she won at a bar mitzvah. My dad gave it a week to live, my mom said a month and my brother gave it a day. I said a year... She got the fish in April of 1999 and it out lived all of those bets... It died if I am not mistaken in November of 2000. I don't think it was any earlier than that. Anyhow, the week her fish, Joshephine (Joey for short, yes she named it after Joey on Dawson's Creek!) died, my sister had moved it's tank next to her computer screen. We honestly believe that her fish died of radiation. What do you think? Anyhow, we just got a great laugh, because everyone was thinking of replacing my sister's fish.. Now I don't know what to get my brother and my sister and my parents and E and his parents and his sister and her husband, and my best friend, all for the holidays. It is soooo hard! Why is it so hard?

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