Wednesday, December 06, 2000

All I Have To Do Is Wait...

I sent that email that I shared with you before, to my boyfriend, in the hotmail account I created for our private emails. He has a local provider's email address as well, but that one is shared with his mother through outlook express, even though she has her own identity on there, for our most personal thoughts, we don't want her accidentally stumbling across our emails.

So... I just checked the account to see if he had read the email yet, and it's now in the saved messages folders, so that means he's read it. He called me before, while he was on his way home from hockey to tell me that he was going home, showering, doing a couple of things before calling me. And to remind me that he hadn't forgotten about me. His team even won their hockey game 6-1. He said it was a nice day.

So why the emotional rollercoaster this week? I don't know. I am nervously and anxiously awaiting his call... Don't know what to expect, but I have confidence. I will keep you updated. Don't worry. Today I am in a very writing mood. Weird.

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