Friday, December 08, 2000


My painting class was fun this semester. And extra fun this morning! So my final painting mark is 82%. I am satisfied. I thought I had an 80%. So an extra 2% rocks my boat! We had that breakfast party this morning in that class... The teacher brought us champagne and VODKA! Only 2 of us did shot of Vodka. It was fun. And the other girl, who did Vodka with me, isn't even in my class. She's in my painting teacher's Tuesday class and the teacher invited her to my class.

We started talking and I made a new friend. But she looked very familiar to me. I couldn't place her at first... But she figured it out, we met at a party back in the summer of 1999. A party that my parents had no idea I was at. So, we talked about the people we both knew (she dated a guy that used to work for my dad as a technician {computers} and she is friends with a bunch of other people that I know from work as well. It's such a small world. Our teacher picks her favorites. I am glad that I am one of them... Even though my paintings suck!! That's ok. So my painting teacher invited a select few of us over to her house on Monday for a party. Since I have nothing better to do, I think I am going to go. More alcohol!!! I think I may end up staying at my boyfriends that night, since I have my French exam the next day and I want to sleep in and get a good night's rest. Plus he lives in town, so it will be faster to get to school. We'll see if my parents let me sleep over there. I am sleeping at his house tonight, so I don't see why... plus I am 19, and have been of legal age for over 1.5 yrs now, so I technically have the right to do what I want, but I am driving their car, and live under their roof, so they do have some say :) At least I have some freedom...

I just bumped into my Art Lit teacher (I have her class in 22 minutes) and I showed her my art project that is due. She loves it. I think I am going to get a good mark in her class. I think I should find out today what my final mark is in her class. That will be good. I am expecting a nice 85% + so that's good. Wow, I really did well this semester, thank goodness. I needed that. So here's what I know so far :)

Painting - 82% Final Mark ...and this is what I estimate give or take...
Dance - 85% + (undecided)
Art Lit - 85% + (undecided will know by 2pm for sure :)
French - 80% + (won't know til after exam on Tuesday.)
Creative Writing - 80% + (undecided - handing in manuscript in 10 minutes)
Autobiography - 65% + (undecided)

It took me forever to get a computer today in the labs. I think everyone is cramming to get all their final papers done and stuff. But I finally got a computer and the line up is still long!! I think I am going to finish this up so I can let someone else use the computer. I will write later and let you know how I did in my Art Lit Class :)

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