Thursday, December 07, 2000

Almost Done...What A Relief!

What a Relief... My creative writing final manuscript has been finished, typed, and put together. It's a good thing that I looked at the guideline for it, because I forgot that I had to include a 400-500 word introduction to my work, add a Table of Contents, but I knew that I had to include my rough draft and as well, make a title page. It was hard writing an introduction to my work. But I got that over with, and I am impressed with my final work. It had to be a creative writing piece over 3,000 words. I came up with a piece called The Ritz. It was fun. Then I finished my Angela's Ashes Paper. Wow, that was a toughie. I love leaving things to last minute. I did get some help from some friends and as well from some people on OD, but it was tough putting it all together. That essay had to be 1,000 words. For both my manuscript and this essay I went over the word minimum, so that's good. Teachers hate it, I think, when you cut off an essay at the bare minimum... In my opinion, that is... It feels so good to have most of my work done. I am not worried about my art project. That I know I can have finished by tomorrow. It was the written work that I was worried about, but now that it is done, Such a relief... A weight taken off my shoulders... AHHHH!! I can relax once again...

Now I am waiting for my Gattuso to be ready... I live on those little soup things... MMMmmm soup with noodles. My fave. I love pasta! And then when I am done eating, I am going to go finish up the art project that I have due tomorrow, that I just started on. I am working with a shoe box that has a lid attached to it. Don't ask. I am kind of turning it into a television set. Sort of. I got this idea out of the book. It's all good. We have to work with the 'story book' idea.

Anyhow, my food smells ready! Smell ya later!

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