Friday, December 15, 2000

Wine & Dined

What a good day! I got 12 hours of sleep last night, and I am just all around in a good mood! E came over this evening and when he showed up he had a dozen roses. They are the nicest roses I've ever seen. They are peach colored. I asked him what Peach was supposed to symbolize, and he was like, each color has a symbolism and means something else? He's like, what does red mean? I knew that one, so I said, LOVE! And he was like, so these ones mean love too! He was so cute about it! So here is a chart, that I found, that tells you what the colors mean!

Color / Sentiment
Red .... Love, respect
Deep pink .... Gratitude, appreciation
Light pink .... Admiration, sympathy
White .... Reverence, humility
Yellow .... Joy, gladness
Orange .... Enthusiasm, desire
Red & yellow blend .... Gaiety, joviality
Pale blended tones .... Sociability, friendship

Along with the dozen roses there was a card, and a teddy bear (the cutest thing!) and a thing of Hershey Kisses. I swear, I am in heaven! That was the most romantic thing he has done for me in a while. I was impressed and it was totally out of the blue! The card said that he wanted to show that he cared about my semester in school and he was congratulating me on my successful semester. And for just like that! To wine & dine me. And that is totally ok with me! He swept me right off my feet! Like a true gentleman. We went to my favorite restaurant to celebrate and the meal was great and the dessert was even better. I love the sherbet things there. To die for! It's sherbet ice cream in any flavor they have on the menu that evening, and let's say you pick pineapple, which is the one I had (E had lemon, I hate lemons!) and so they scoop out the middle of the fruit itself, a mini pineapple is what i had, and the freeze the food. Then they scoop out that flavor ice cream (sherbet) and put it inside the correct frozen food. Then they stick the lid on, if there was, like on my pineapple, and they serve it to you. It's the cutest little thing. I've probably lost you! It's hard to explain. But it's the best dessert ever! After dinner, we headed over to the pool hall to play some pool. Tonight was a 10$ charge to get in, because there was some boxing game that was happening and we either could get a free drink or an hour free pool. So we each took a coupon for an hour free pool, and we used our hour then and I have one coupon in my wallet for next time. E kicked my ass in each three games we played. Then I just got bored of playing and so E wanted to stay and watch the end of the fight, so he ordered me another drink (another sex on the beach, i love those drinks) and I had one of those. Was it a good evening? Oh, yeah, it was a very good evening! I had fun. I like having fun. I wish everyday were like this...

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