Thursday, December 14, 2000

Too Early For Me

I didn't get enough sleep last night, and already both my parents have called my line, waking me up to tell me..

Mom: "Wake up, when you hear the doorbell ring, please let Anna (our housekeeper) in. I am at the doctor's office, I wanted to get there early, it's nasty out there."

And my dad... who called from work, and still can't figure out why, because both my parents didn't need to call, but here's the jift of it anyways...

Dad: "Anna's coming soon, please let her in when she gets there, as your mother is out."

So I was like, yea, dad, I know that, mom just called...

I guess he was bored at work or something. Or just wanted to bug the shit out of me. Who knows. But what's annoying to me, is that the doorbell just could have woken me up, but no, they had to call me at 8:57 am and wake me, and Anna's not even here yet... and it's 9:36 am.

I could have and 39 + more minutes of sleep! Argh! That's almost an hour's more worth of sleep. That would have done me some good. But that's ok, I set a tape in the VCR in our den, to tape the movie The Patriot. That's the one with Heath Ledger (MMMmmm! Love him, love his accent) and Mel Gibson (Love him, love his eyes). I hate watching a movie straight off the TV, cuz you can't pause or go to the bathroom without missing something. So, that's why, I tape things, including TV shows, and watch them when I can fast forward commercials and pause for pee breaks! Ha! Got them there! They thought they'd be educating me with their products by their fancy commercials... Well, my friend, they are wrong. I don't watch their freakin' commercials!

I started another load of laundry. I feel like all I ever do is laundry. I have one more medium load to do after the one that is in. I am going to work probably anytime around 2-3pm today. I don't start technically until 5pm but I want to go in early and make a few extra bucks. Money is good! Especially since I didn't work last Thursday because I took off because of school papers that I had to write and hand in the next day.

Well at least so far I know that I passed 2 of the 3 things that I was working on. I still can't believe that my teacher never posted out my papers for me to retrieve them and she hasn't called, and I'd love for my marks. That would be sweet. But no, she's being a biatch.. argh! Whatever, I am never taking her as a teacher ever again! I am still in war with my timetable book. SO many classes that I want to take, but don't know when, or how or what... The few classes that I do want to take, conflict in times with one another. I hate that. It's so annoying. But that's ok. I will work around it. Chances are anyhow, it will come to registration time and the classes that I want to take will be full, so what use will that be. And I have to speak to my doctor to get me a not about Phys. Ed. Because I can't take anything to physical. I wouldn't be able to handle it. My asthma kills me sometimes. And the doctor's out there seem to be taking their sweet time to do anything about better treatment for me. Argh! I guess I just will have to bitch my way through to get what I need and deserve! If that's the way they want to play it...

Well I am going to crawl back into bed for a bit. Just one look outside will drive anyone back to bed! We must have gotten about 8-10 cm of snow over night. They were calling for 10 cm anyhow. I don't know how anyone in their right mind would want to leave their house on a day like today. Oh well... It's mad driving out there.

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