Tuesday, December 05, 2000


I was on the phone with my boyfriend, on his way home from work, I was at his house, and he snapped at me for no apparent reason. I hate when that happens. Don't you? Argh.. he literally bit off my ear. That was totally not fun! And then when he got back to his place, which is where I went straight from school, he was cold, and didn't want to cuddle. He barely said two words to me until like half an hour before I left to go home... If he was in a bad mood, why did I bother staying in the first place? He has been coughing lately, so I have I, but whatever, and he said that to refrain from getting me sick, he wasn't going to kiss me. Awww.. no nookie for me tonight :( On one hand nookie isn't always necessary, but also, if I am not going to get any nookie (that's what we call it, I like that term) then at least let some cuddling action happen... Whatever. It's ok. Hopefully as soon as school lets out and things are less stressed, we'll be back to normal :)

Apparently the roughest times for couples are between 6-8 months of the relationship. And if you are a strong couple then you make it through that. I have faith in the two of us. I am sure, positively sure, that we will make it through :) I am so stressed out right now, it's mad!! ARGH!

This girl that I drive to school in the morning, bumped into this guy that I used to be friends with. I have to explain the entire situation for you to follow. So here it is from the beginning...

I became friends with *A* back in the 7th grade. We met through that Jewish Youth Organization that we were once both a part of. We live in different suburbs of our city, and went to different high schools, and colleges as well. We were best friends for what seemed like the longest time. When I left to Europe on my grad trip from high school back in April of 1998, he gave me his star of david necklace to wear. He gave that to me at the airport, because he had written me a long letter and forgot it, so he wanted me to have something of his to remind me of him. I thought that was a kind gesture. When I got back from Europe he confessed his undying love towards me, but when I told him he was like a brother to me, we lost touch for a while, and he started dating a good friend of mine in Toronto. Then we drifted off into our own little worlds. After a while we became close again. I would hang out with him all the time. Then he started dating this girl that we were both friends with. She was my best girl friend at the time. (*Z*) But then when I started hanging out with them together, they started picking fun at me, at my own expense and I stopped being friends with them both just after the new year (2000). I had totally forgotten about the necklace that he had given me. But after I started dating E! (that's what I will call him) back in March, I remember the necklace and E! drove me over to *A*'s house and I left the necklace in an envelope in his mailbox. I haven't seen the necklace since. *A* got in touch with my answering machine on my birthday this past June and left me message that he has broken up with *Z* (for the 2nd time) and wants to keep in touch with me more. I spoke to him a few times on the phone, and never really made any efforts to become friends with him. He would call me when he and *Z* would get back together, and he wouldn't call me for a while, and then when they would break up, I would be the first person he'd call. I don't see how that is a good friend? Or any kind of friend? I bumped into him once this semester, at school, since apparently he was taking a night course there. I was coming out of school late, and he so happened to be arriving. I haven't bumped into him since, because I haven't left late from school, on purpose, because I don't want to bump into him. He bumped into my friend *MS* on Tuesday and told her that he was mad at me because I neglected to call him on his birthday in November to wish him a good one. Yup, that's right, I didn't call. Didn't want to... I don't want to be friends with the guy. He also gave *MS* the necklace that he has been lugging around in his wallet. Well it's not that heavy, so it wasn't really lugging, but he was hoping that he would bump into me... I don't know why my friend got involved in the first place, I told her next time don't take anything for anyone as messenger. I told her to keep it, and I have not seen it. I left him an ICQ message telling him that *MS* has the necklace and that he can get it back from her the next time he sees her. I think I am probably missing details... but whatever. That is my story. Do you think I did the right thing, by not taking back his necklace? I think I did...

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