Friday, December 01, 2000

Word of the Day

So I get up this morning and go to pick up my friends to head to school. This one guy who comes with me on Fridays, was still asleep when I got there... I didnt know that until 15 minutes after I was sitting outside his house at 7 am honking for that period of time. What are with these people? They tell you that they are going to come with me in the morning to school, and I go out of my way to do a favour for them, and they go ahead and make me late.

I was supposed to meet someone at school to swap a CD with them, and it's a good thing that she missed her train because I thought that I was running late! Argh, what a morning it was...

I had painting first thing this morning. It was fun. I had to hand in my portfolio in which I got my mark for on the spot. Basically in painting this semester I got an 80%. That's pretty good, and I am satisfied with that mark. I am sure I probably could have done better in that class, but I had to put more effort into my other classes that required more attention and more work on essays and so forth. You know!? My last painting class that I took, was back at the other college I went to before transferring to where I am at now. In that painting class I got a 75%. So it's an improvement. I dont see how teachers can put a mark on art. Because art is how you see it. Through your own eyes... right? If you think something is beautiful, then it's art.. right? I think I am... so, how can a teacher mark you on art? I dont understand it...

Then I had Art Literature... What a whacko bunch of girls I am friends with! I don't know what we were on, but we decided that the word of the day (we have 3 hour classes) would be lesbian.. out conversation was quite interesting, and what a class that was (don't get any ideas).

My friend introduced me yesterday to the music of Nelly Furtado. She is absolutely amazing! Her new song, Like a Bird, is always on the radio, you must have heard it! I definitely recommend her CD. She's going to be a new hot singer! She's better than Natalie Umbruglia or however you spell her name, and if you like Ani DiFranco or Tori Amos' style of singing, an acquired taste, then you're going to like Nelly Furtado. It's my new favourite CD!

After school, I came home and slept for a bit before meeting up with my boyfriend. We went to this small cute Italian place for dinner and my meal (penne with tamato sauce -- what you can find me eating at any italian or not, restaurant) had a few pieces of meat in it... I complained of course, and you know what the waitress said to me? (SHE WAS BEING THE BIGGEST BITCH) She's like, "oh well, the meat sauce pot is next to the tomato sauce pot..." and she said it with feckin' attitude. Needless to say, she got a lowsy tip, especially since she threw the bill on the table in that little black book they give you the bill in, in nice restaurants, and I got a free meal!

Being a vegetarian, I don't appreciate meat in my food when I didnt order it... For all she cares I could have been allergic to meat or something, then what would her attitude would have been? ugh, people like her make me mad!

Afterwards, we went to meet people that I work with and my sister and her boyfriend met up with us too. We went for some drinks and we had some good laughs and good times. I really enjoyed myself. I was worried that my boyfriend wouldn't have a good time, but he did, and he thanked me for it. That was so sweet of him... Then I think from all the drinking I got a nice headache, so my boyfriend jus tleft my house, and I am going straight to bed to sleep off my headache (I don't swallow pills, I think it's all psychological and I don't know why or how..) and I need to catch up on sleep anyhow since I've been pretty much neglecting it this week due to the overdose on school work! I am pretty satisfied so far how the semester has been going, so I am pretty impressed with myself and things, woohoo!

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