Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Don't You Just Hate that?

Don't you just hate it when you have a string in a pair of pants or sweatshirt, that retracts back into the waist or neckline? I woke up this morning and my flannel pjamma's no longer had one end to the string that ties at the waist. How am i supposed to get it out?

My dance teacher is such a cutie. She brought her camera to class this morning and was snapping away. I thought she rocked as a teacher and I really enjoyed her class. My asthma couldn't always take it, but it was an easy mark :) She was mentioning this morning that she gives an easy 80% to her students because she feels that some teachers don't know how to give an 80% (which is true) and so I know that I've gotten a great mark in that class, because I barely missed class, I always worked hard and I did all the work, and then some, for her class. We had to keep a journal and do all these weekly assignments. Fun stuff, really! :) At the end of the class she told us she is going to miss us, and she gave us all chocolate. I didn't take any because I hate chocolate! She gave me her email address and told me to email her on Tuesday, if I really want to know my mark bad :) I do, really! I am impatient most of the time.

Then as I was leaving school, I got a free ride home. There was no one in the booth taking the tickets or checking passes, and there was something jammed into the thing that let's you through the barrier, it's hard to explain, but needless to say, I got a free ride. I think that since I purchased tickets this time around, because I don't need the monthly pass this time, it was well deserved... :)

On my way home I stopped at the used book center, and got rid of the pile of 100 magazines that were sitting in my room, that I thought I would need until my last art project. But it turned out that I didn't need them, so the ones that weren't touched (that I collected from friends, family, and neighbours) I brought to the used book center, where they give you a whole .03 cents per magazine you bring them in. (They charge you 3 magazines for 1$ or .40 cents each when you buy them from them). So I got a whole 3$ this morning for the magazines that were clogging up my room and taking a lot of space! It was such a relieve to get rid of them once and for all. I know that I am only going to have to get my neighbours to donate more magazines next semester because I plan to take Collage (another collage class. This semester I took Art Literature Survey, not knowing what I was getting myself into! I just had to take one more class to finalize my schedule and I figured that I would drop it once school started. Well I ended up dropping World Literature and keeping on Art Lit, because it was a new teacher teaching the class, and as well, she was doing Collage. I loved the class. It was so much fun! I could take Art Lit Survey II next semester, because it will be offered, {art lit I was a brand new class this semester} but art lit II is a text book based class, dealing with the history of art. NO THANKS... only if I am desperate for a class and I'd have to take it... will I take it! We'll see what happens and what is offered when I get the course outline next Wednesday.)

Then I went to the library to renew some books that I haven't gotten a chance to read yet, but will over winter break (since I have a nice 7 weeks off from school!!) While I was there I went to the recreoart section downstairs of the civic center and went to see this lady about a job at the fine arts camp for next summer. I am qthinking about whether or not I am going to hand in my CV. I will talk more about that later. I am still deciding.

When I got home there as a message on my answering machine from my creative writing teacher. His message indicated that I can hand in my manuscript on Friday, because really he is giving an extension til Tuesday for those who really need it. I didnt really need it til Tuesday, I just think there is no point in me going to school tomorrow just to hand in one paper! Don't want to burn gas and all since I live like a 30-35 minute drive from the school.

If you haven't yet seen this site, please check it out. You'll understand why I am a vegetarian once you check out this site...

It's really cold out here.. BRRR!~

I watched TLC all afternoon. Gotta love TLC. I watched the makeover stories, dating stories, and a baby story! Gotta love TLC! Those show really make you think. I know that one day, a baby and marriage, that's totally what I want.

I worked on creative writing final manuscript... so stressing!! But at least it's coming along. I've still got my Angela's Ashes paper to finish and my art project. Frigg! Night.

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