Sunday, December 03, 2000


I've discovered the reason why my parents are pushing college and university so much on me. It's ridiculous actually if you ask me... I think it's because a) my dad never wet, and even though my mom did, she isn't using her diploma. She's a stay at home mom. I think that's ok. I think the whole issue thing, is the fact that no one with my last name has graduated from university in my family. Yes, of course my mom did, but the diploma is in her maiden name. See what I mean? I think that's why my parents are pushing so much. And what if I dont want to go? I have no idea what the frig I want to do with my life, so that makes that even harder. There is such stress in my life regarding that right now. Why is it so hard to decide? ARGH!

It's such a confusing thing right now... So many decisions, that I just don't want to make right now, or even think about.

Next Monday, I am taking a self day, I really need it. Tuesday I have my French exam and Wednesday I have an appointment and I have to go to school to pick up the timetable book, so that ruins those days of sitting at home in bed doing nothing! Thursday of that week I will have to work, so Monday it is..

One week left of school. I think I can handle it!

My family went out to dinner tonight, all of us. It was kind of nice to be all together, and not really fighting.. Even if they were picking on me for most of the night. How rude!!

My sister ironed my hair this evening. Yes, I asked her to do it for me... It looks cool and nice and straight when you do that. I was told not to do it too often... but wow, I like it when it's nice and straight.

I watched the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sean Penn is in it, and I couldn't believe how much he has changed over the years. Definitely for the better! Hee hee... Anyhow, what the heck is the point of that movie? Honestly? I didnt understand the point of it!!

My boyfriend crashed early tonight. I didnt speak to him really all day, because I was at work, then I went to dinner with my family, and by the time I got around to calling him, he was already in la-la land.. But that's ok.. because I spoke to him briefly a couple of times during the day. I am so happy that things are going well with us. Couldn't be any happier :)

Well, I am off to bed, I said..

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