Monday, December 11, 2000

Self Day

I went to bed last night at 5 am! I couldn't sleep. I ended up staying up and downloading programs for my palm pilot. Now I have some pretty nifty games on there! So I never have to be bored on the metro, at the doctor's office or in line, ever again! I downloaded some fun stuff like Tetris, and so forth! Some good stuff. I figured I may as well use my time productively and benefit from it :)

Today, boy did I sleep in! I mean, going to bed at 5 am and getting up early? You've got to be kidding me! And when I got up I did laundry and checked the mail! I got a pacakge in the mail from my friend in Texas! I love getting packages! This one had tons of Scooby doo things. I absolutely love scoobydoo. I got scooby doo socks and scooby doo stationery, and this gorgeous organizer, but unfortunately I've got my palm pilot and I like that system, so I am going to stick with my palm. Another other agenda I've gotten from school, never lasts the entire year. I never use them. Don't know why. I guess I am just not an organized person, but that's ok. That's one of my new year's resolutions. Did tons of laundry today. I had like no clothes left. I generally do laundry once a week. That's my usual routine. Clean underwear is always good!

Late afternoon I ended up at my teacher's house for her little party. She was so cute about everything. She supplied us with food, and alcohol (weird, I know) and the few of us that were there, we had a good time. We danced, talked, ate, and I ditched out early to get over to E's house. I didn't want to lie, but I told her I wasn't feeling so well. I didn't really want to stay any longer, I had been there for almost 3.5 hours at that point anyhow, and just wanted to crawl into bed and cuddle with my boy :) So that's just what I did. I gave my teacher the little gift I picked out for her, and that was the end of that! She told me that she needs me to help her out with her computer as soon as she gets back from working Club Med, she teaches art. I think that's awesome! So anyhow, she said she'd even pay me. Hey, sounds like a plan. I don't mind doing extra odd jobs to rake in some extra cash! :)

Now I am at E's, just chilling. I will write more later. I think we are about to eat dinner.

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