Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Too Many Appointments To Make

So I went to school and picked up my timetable for next semester. I even found parking right in front and there was leftover money in the meter. So that was lucky. I went and checked to see if my teacher had posted my paper outside her door like she promised, but nope, it's still not there. Oh well, I am going to leave another message on her machine, that's not right of her to not leave my paper for me, like she had promised. Then I went to that appointment with the specialist for my asthma. I have to go for a pulmonary test on January 31st, 2001, no appointments sooner! And I have to go for an allergy test, but the doctor and his nurse weren't there today, so that appointment I have to make. I will call probably tomorrow, or something. I bet I won't be able to make an appointment for that until next year, either. And I have to go back to see this doctor in 6 weeks. Too many doctors and appointments to make! Argh! I hate running around...

So now I am back at my boyfriend's house, and his parents just got home. He's at work. I am going to go look at the tabletime and see how many classes I have to take next semester but don't want to, bleh! Later.

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