Monday, December 04, 2000

I Think I'll Pass

I bumped into this girl I feel really bad for today. I am going to call her *M*. I have known her for a few years through a Jewish Youth Organization. She was always the loser type, and I am not one to judge because of that. Anyhow, this girl, is a pathalogical liar. She lies about the most ridiculous things. Things such as, going to class (we know she hasn't been) and things like hockey tickets or concert tickets that she says she can get her hands on. I have only bumped into her about 3 or 4 times this semester, thank goodness. I don't really like her anymore. She was using me at one point, and I only realized too late that she was using me. (For lifts because I have my license and access to a car.) Anyhow, so I am in the computer labs at school earlier today, and she's in there, and comes up to me. She's the one who spotted me. I felt so bad, and had to talk to her. She's like, yea, I've been looking for you all over, I miss you, you should call me more often. Yea, right. Call her? I don't think so. She's 2 grades younger than me and there is almost a 3 year age difference as well. But I feel so bad for girls like her. She lies to gain friends and when they find out her stories are bullshit, they dump her ass as a friend. She also is a little overweight. Now that doesnt have any affect on me, I don't judge people like that. It's just that, she's never had a boyfriend, everyone knows that, but she lies about it. She has many long distant boyfriends that no one has ever met. She always tells stories about trips to go see these guys, and then the trips never happen. People ditch her because of that. I guess I just wanted to mention that. No particular reason I guess.

I got my marks back on those autobiogaphy papers I handed in. The first one I got a 10/15. I forgot to do something for it, and I am re-handing it in on Wednesday, so I can improve my mark. This is the class/teacher that I am most frustrated with. I think I will be ok. As long as I get a mark that's higher than a 60% or even that on the dot, I will be ok! :) On my second paper that I got back, I got a 17/20 and that's the highest mark I've gotten from her! The highest mark I think I will ever get from her. I think it was because it was a fiction piece that I had to do, that's why my mark was so high. I hate doing essays and so forth, but tell me to write a fictional story, yup, anytime! That assignment, we had to turn a something autobiographical into a fictional story. So I did that. I am happy with that mark. So far in that class my marks are (13.5/20; 12.5/20; 17/20; and 10/15{will be improved}). For a class that I am struggling in, I am pretty impressed with my last marks. I hope my essay on 15 will get a 12 or 13 on 15 at least instead of that nasty 10 (which comes to a 67% anyhow, and it's a pass :) The teacher even added on 2 extra days and our essay is only due on Friday, the final deadline. I think I am going to skip her final class, I don't really want to go, and I have other things to do anyhow, for other classes, so I am going to hand in the paper on Friday when I get to school. I don't know what got into the teacher. She was being so nice... Whatever! Might as well take advantage of that!

I watched Monday night TV this evening (King of Queens, Yes Dear, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Becker - some of them being repeats). I neglected to do homework, oops! Later!

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