Monday, December 18, 2000

Wind Watch, What's That?

My mom won't let me take the car and it's sitting in the driveway. My brother needs it from 3:30 for an hour and a half about, and that's cool. But apparently I am not allowed to take it anywhere after that. It's my winter break and she's telling me that I can't go anywhere. That's outrageous. I swear. If I am in this house one too many hours longer, I am going to go nuts. I haven't left the house since yesterday when I got home from work, except for like 10 minutes last night when I tried to escape but was called back home. This is really outrageous. I can't wait to go to work and do all those other things this week. I wish now that I lived on my own and that I had my own car. If I had my own car that would be another story. This all wouldn't be happening. And what the heck is a wind watch? My mum is telling me that one of the reasons I am not allowed going anywhere is because of some wind watch reason. Or something. She's like, pretend there's a snowstorm out there and you aren't going anywhere... What the heck is supposed to mean. There is no snow storm out there, the roads are fine. I drove during the ice storm 98, and that was 100 times worse than a wind storm....

I slept in a little today, but that's ok, because I couldn't sleep last night and was online pretty late, teaching myself how to knit. It doesn't seem to want to work, so I gave that up. Maybe I have the wrong kind of needles. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Who knows. Maybe I have the wrong kind of yarn. Don't know... E's mother is good with that stuff, so E said maybe she'd show me. All I want to know, is how to make a scarf. I need to do something during my winter break. I am so damn ass bored. Need to give myself something artistic to do... So I figured I'd learn how to knit!

I made my appointment for my allergy test. January 16th at
10 am.

I really hate this weather. It's all the weather's fault that I am sitting her bored out of my mind. GRR... What to do. I have nothing to do. So bored, out of my mind. Need a project. I am not even that into my book, so it's not as if I can't put it down. I haven't been able to get into a good book lately. Don't know why. Haven't found one that I really liked. Maybe I will stumble upon one like that soon. We'll see. I think I am going to go put in the movie the Patriot which I taped a few days ago. And maybe try that knitting thing again.

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