Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Phew...I Just Needed To Hear Those Words...

So my boyfriend and I have spoken. Boy, do I feel so much better now. And gosh, I've written so much today. That's ok. The more writing the better. Right?

Anyhow, wow... I just needed to hear those words from him, "all is ok..." That's all I wanted. Then he proceeded to tell me about his day and what happened at hockey. Just like I wanted. I asked him if he will take into consideration anything that I mentioned in my email, and he said yes, so I am in a good mood now. Feeling all better. As I was sitting there nervously before, NOT twiddling my thumbs, but rather talking to a friend on the phone... he finally called. So, my day is going to end off rather nicely now :) Wishing everyone a good night too.

ps- It's so freaking cold out there. My thermometer on my car was up at -12C today, the lowest it's been yet this winter. I am sure it was a tad colder due to the wind factor that isn't included in the reading, so I am guessing it was probably at about -16C with the wind. BRRRRrrrrrr... makes me want to cuddle up next to a fire with my man :) How does that sound?

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