Thursday, December 14, 2000

I Hate School Decisions & Martha Stewart

I can't sleep and the only thing that is on, is Martha Fucking Stewart. She pisses me off. She's all like, making this cake is so easy, as one two three, and yet it takes her the entire episode to figure out that it's already made by someone else. Seriously! Since I couldn't sleep, first I poured myself a bowl of Corn Pops. It wasn't so bad. I think they are a little old. I wonder how long the box was sitting in the pantry for. I am going to ask my mom to get Apple & Cinnamon Cheerios the next time she goes to the grocery store. I love that cereal. It's great!

And now I am sitting here drinking 7up Light and was going thru my table time for next semester. There are only a select few classes I want to take, and some of them conflict. But yet, I really want to take those classes, but can't. Argh. I wish they didn't conflict with the other ones I want to take. Why is deciding about school so freckin' difficult. That's going to keep me up all night. I just want to fall asleep, but can't.

I don't know how E is always falling asleep. I wish I knew!! I want the secret... So I am debating between Newspaper Writing and Children's Lit and Education In Transition and Drawing and Creative Expression and Collage. Because one of them won't fit the schedule with the other classes. So one of these I must delete. I will probably take out Newspaper Writing and do that in my last semester. There is no way I want extra stress next semester. I don't need that! And with Education in Transition (the only Humanities Class I want to take that is offered this semester) it conflicts with Drawing and Creative Expression but I really want to take a class with that teacher. I had her this semester for painting. She's the teacher I went to her house for her little party the other day, remember? (see one of Monday's Entries). She's an awesome teacher.

Ok, I am going to go sleep on it. It's 2:33 am and I should get some kind of sleep!

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