Friday, December 08, 2000

Beer & The Nutty Professor

I went to my boyfriend's work's xmas party dinner, with him this evening. It was fun. I had too much beer though, and I am generally not a beer fan. I like more cocktail drinks (sex on the beach, etc...) My boyfriend said since I was not driving and the food was crappy (we were at a Portuguese Restaurant and there wasn't much for me to eat being a vegetarian and all...) that I could have as much beer as I would like. And I held him to that! The guys at the Xmas party, were telling me all evening that I had a hard working boyfriend and that I should keep him! ;) I thought that was cute... :) They were also telling me that I should feed him! Feed him? He may be thin (not skimpy thin, but thin with muscles from his working out in sports!) but when I am with him, whether we be eating out, or staying in, he eats a lot. He will buy a container of cookie dough ice cream, and polish the entire thing off in one sitting. Maybe he doesn't have time or the appetite to eat during work. Who knows. There could be a million different reasons behind his not eating at work. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it, from here. They also told, in French of course, they are mostly all French people, that I should keep him! How adorable that they approve of me :)

Back at E's house we watched the Nutty Professor II, we picked it up at Blockbuster's along with a thing of cookie dough ice cream which he pretty much polished off. That's ok. We were both exhausted, and didn't see the end of the movie. We both fell asleep. I love falling asleep in his arms. That is the best feeling. I love it. It makes me feel safe. Now we're upstairs and I am using the computer in his room. He's passed out in his bed. I had a good day today. A very happy day.

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