Sunday, December 17, 2000

A Fight Over Chicken!

A fight with my parents. And it's all because I am a vegetarian and don't eat chicken. They know I am a vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian for well over a year now. And you know what I completely hate ... the fact that they always forget that I don't eat meat anymore and they usually consult when they are getting dinner from a restaurant or even when they pick up chicken at the market place, they will always ask me what I want to eat, because there is other stuff for me to get at restaurants, bakeries, and at the market place. Anyhow, so my dad calls me up at work and tells me that he is wondering what time I am coming home from work, if I was almost done, because he wanted to know an estimated time, so that he could go pick up the chicken that is for dinner. I said, chicken? Since when are we eating chicken, no one consulted me... and he got mad at me, and hung up the phone on me! When I got home, I went to my room and changed. Wanted to get out of my work clothes. And then I came out of my room and said hello to my grandparents who were all over. (Both sides of my family) Because I didn't say hello as the first thing, and I went to get changed first, that was the first thing I got yelled at for... I went back to my room and started doing things around my room. I heard my parents call my brother and my sister down for dinner, each by their name... Never heard my name... So I stayed in my room. I feel asleep actually for a bit. Had a bit of a headache. And because of that I got a worse migraine from my mother and father yelling at me afterwards. See, I tried to walk out of the house to go drive thru somewhere to get some dinner. But I didn't get to far and I was told to get back into the house. Then I tried later on, and my dad said it was Ok, but my mother on the otherhand was like, NO, there's food in the house. No there wasn't!! If there was, I would have been eating it!!! So I didn't eat dinner, and now I am bored out of my mind... and angry at my mother and was thinking way out of proportion earlier because of this and E was trying to help me, but that didn't help really. I know he is trying to help.

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