Friday, January 08, 2010

january eight

This is one of the wallets that I got last night, and the one that I am currently using. It's a long wallet, but not that thick, so it's still on the small side. You can't pack too much into it, though it does have a nice area to keep your stuff. I like the way the inside is laid out.

I also got this one, which I love as well. They are both by the same company, Shag Wear, and they're both the exact same on the inside. I really couldn't decide between the two of them, but since they were both inexpensive, I am putting this one away for the summer, when it would be nice to have a "bronze" colored wallet.

Some updates on my projects:

I have 3 more inches to go.
However, there are 620+ stitches on the needles right now.
It takes forever to knit just one row.

I'm still in love with the color.

Zachary's Blanket.
30 rows from 66 complete as of this morning (pictured above).
I've done a few more rows since.

The colors are absolutely stunning together. They compliment each other very nicely. Three different shades of blue; Blueberry, Blue Velvet and Baby Denim.

This morning Mack walked into his new class today (day 5) and walked straight to give his teacher a hug. No tears! I knew it wouldn't take him long at all to adjust. Phew! One less thing to worry about. I couldn't believe it.

I worked today in the office. I took a break halfway through my day and checked into the sewing shop next to work. I knew they carried Phildar items and wanted to see if they had a Mechanical Tricotin. I had played with the one the Eugenie brought to a West Island Knit Night once, and want to use some stash to make a i-cord rug like this one. She didn't have it in stock, but was able to order one for me, and will have it in next week. Ah, knitting toys. Thank heavens I am only on a yarn diet this year. Toys are still permitted! (And pattern buying too...!~)

I noticed today upon leaving work that it's not as dark anymore when I leave. It's definitely a nice thing that we are starting to having longer days lately. The dark so early was getting so depressing. I'm glad the days are getting longer and longer each day. It's definitely helping my mood!

I want to know why it is that whenever I eat soup my nose runs. Do you get that too? It's kind of annoying. I feel like I have to have a kleenex box with me in order to eat a bowl of soup.

My in-laws came over for dinner this evening. My step-MIL brought a roast she made. It was so good and tender. My FIL was telling us that it's all about the way you cut the meat. If you cut it in the wrong direction, it won't be as tender. That is very interesting. I had no idea.

Jenn's son Henri turns one today! I can't believe how fast time goes. Happy Birthday big guy!


Amelah said...

Nice wallets! Cute!

I definitely do not have a runny nose when I eat soup! That's weird!!

Love those blues together!!!

Bea said...

Love Mara so far. Very very pretty. Glad to hear Mack is adjusting so well. It is dusk when I leave work. Didn't quite make it to dark, but it is dark before I get home still.

Tara said...

I was just noticing that it's not getting dark so early, too! Seems like it was pitch black when I walked out of the office a few weeks ago, and now it's still day. Come on, Spring!!!

g-girl said...

i love the matroshyka wallet you got!!! so freakin' cute. :) zachary's blanket looks great..and so does your mara. my nose sometimes runs when I eat soup..must be the heat from the soup causing our noses to drip. lol.