Tuesday, January 05, 2010

january five

Day 2 of Mack's new class. So far so good. We had swimming this morning so he arrived late. We first brought Sean to class. Until there are no more snow suits and boots, I find it's going to be hard to drop Sean off at daycare and take Mack to his swim class and do the same for Sean and drop off Mack before Sean's swim class on Mondays. Though, I'm sooo much happier that I can sleep in on weekends now and not have to run to an early morning swim class! That makes me happy.

I worked today in the offices, and I am so glad that I had my sweater with me, and as well that there is a space heater at work. I really don't understand why I'm constantly cold in the winter. Once my toes go numb, that's it for the day. And the numbness hurts. It sucks. I guess I just have very bad circulation or something.

Sean's on a kick of doing EVERYTHING by himself. Even doing up zippers, which he's not quite so good at yet... This can be very frustrating.

Mack wasn't so impressed waiting for his brother to get ready to leave.

Mack had a really good day at school today. He arrived just as they were starting music time with Sean's class. (I forgot to ask how that went yesterday, if they behaved themselves together). Music is supposed to be first thing in the morning but I think the musician (he cames from outside of the school once a week with his guitar) was late today. Mack loves music, so he didn't miss it! I am very happy about that. I think I'm going to pray that music starts late every week so that he doesn't miss out because of his swimming lessons. They said he ate well today, even napped well and stopped crying as soon as music got under way when he got into class. I like the sound of this!

I got some really yummy yarn in the mail today, from one of the 2 orders I placed at the end of 2009. I am not sure yet what pattern I will use for this yarn, but it may be something like Maximus, which is written out for Bulky or Super Bulky yarns knit at 2 or 2.5 sts per inch. Fatty, which is now known as Groovy, is a Bulky, at about 3.5 sts per inch on US 9/10. Maximus is knit on much larger needles, around US 17 or 19. I'll swatch before starting anything, that's for sure. It seems with the Bulky I only need 166 yards, so I'll be totally fine with the 2 skeins of Fatty - which are 120 yards each. Though, I do have some Super Bulky Lamb's Pride in my stash. I should only need about 3 and a bit skeins for the Cozy Bolero, so I could use the rest of it - for Maximus. Why are these decisions so tough!? I've fallen for super bulky/bulky/chunky yarn lately, and I don't own too much of it in my stash. Oh well, whatever I don't have now in my stash, I can always put on my birthday wishlist (which isn't for another almost 5.5 months), or wait until 2011.

The other part of today's shipment had one sweater's worth of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran Weight in the "We Wear Red" Colorway. The We Wear Red colorway when purchased donates 25% to the Heart Truth foundation.

So here's my dilema. Do I knit my soon-to-be February Lady Sweater in Dream in Color Classy Happy Forest, or in Tanis Fiber Arts We Wear Red? Tough decision, because I know that the sweater in either color would look fantastic. They're two different weights. While the DIC is worsted, Tanis' is Aran. It's still a tough decision though...! Really. At least right now I have some time to think about it. What do you think?? The yarn that doesn't get chosen will get used for another sweater, that's for sure.

I can't figure out why my cat has this obsession with licking my suede purse. Does your cat have an obsession with suede too if you have a cat? I find it very strange.

I'm in desperate need for a size 3 bathing suit for Sean. He's been squeezed into a size 24 month bathing suit still. I can't seem to find anything here, and I need one preferrably before we leave to Florida, as he has already started his swimming lessons already. I'd either like a one piece bodysuit (which I don't know if it exists in size 3) or even a 2 piece, top with shorts. He really needs to have his chest covered in the pool, it's not exactly the warmest at the Civic Center. It seems like because it's winter it's super hard to find a bathing suit. Though, he didn't need a size 3 bathing suit back in the summer, the size 24 month/size 2 was perfect for him. But he's growing and in late fall transferred all his wardrobe over to size 3. Poor kid is in a tiny bathing suit. Mack's got a full bathing suit wardrobe though, all of the ones that Sean has outgrown (we've kept them all in great condition so there was no need to buy Mack a new suit).

This evening we watched the Habs lost to the Washington Capitols, 4-2 and then Team Canada (Juniors Hockey) lose to Team USA for the Gold. Damn. What a crappy hockey evening. Really sucked. I did manage to advance a bit on my Mara Shawl, though every row is now taking me a lot of time (probably a good 30 minutes a row) as there are more than 618+ stitches on every row. Thankfully after this last 4 inches I'm done! I have never knit that many stitches in one row. Thank goodness I have a super long cable on my knitpicks options set!


Heddy said...

You should check with your doctor about the toe numbness ... it could be renaulds phenomenon. If your toes turn white, you should probably mention it ... they may be able to give you something for it (I was on meds to increase my blood pressure - just for a month) and haven't been troubled by it since. It was circulatory, but fixed now!

carolynswafford said...

Here's a link for you:


They have 3T. I looked at Walmart online and nothing for toddlers. I'll look at Target for you!

carolynswafford said...

Sorry to be a pest, but here's a MUCH better deal (clearance!) and available in 3T:


g-girl said...

oooooh, your fatty/groovy looks SO yummy! is it the same colorway as the stuff you're using for your mara? and the we wear red is great too! i think you might be able to get away with using 15s for your maximus so you'd use less yarn. glad to hear mack had a really good day at school..and you're gonna have to get used to sean wanting to do everything for himself from now on!

Anonymous said...

It could be Reynaud's...bubbie, my dad and I all have it.

I vote Classy for the Feb lady, not the Tanis. Mainly because that kind of sweater looks better in a thinner yarn. Too bulky and it will make you look bulky. I'd save the Tanis red for something meant to be big and comfy, not the lace of Feb lady. Just my thoughts... :)

Tsogie net said...

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Bea said...

I found out why I have been constantly cold lately and why our offices are at 45F all the time. The heater's blower motor has been out. Bah. Always shivering.

Maximus is pretty cool. I hadn't seen that one yet. I think the decisions are so tough because the yarn is so great that you can imagine it knitted into so many great projects.

I vote for the Tanis because you just knit the Mara in the green and your going to knit a cowl in green. Time to branch out color wise!

Hope you managed to find a new suit for Sean. I'm gonna assume you've checked the internet, sadly I can't suggest any stores in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

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Amelah said...

Nice loot!! Was gonna say until I realized you HAD ordered them in 2009! Nice to receive them in 2010 LOL...its almost a tease.

I can see how it is a tad frustrating waiting for a kid to do it himself when the other kid wants to goooooooooooo!

Tara said...

Go with the green DIC for the FLS! Still, I'm WAY jealous of your sweater's worth of Tanis.