Monday, January 11, 2010

january eleven :: 158 weeks old

Sean is 158 weeks old today.

Sean had his swim lesson this morning. I am so glad that I no longer have to go in the water with him anymore. He's finally at the age where they get a semi-private class. This session is so happens that he has 2 sisters in his class, Julie & Jasmine. They are 18 months apart, 3 and 4 and a half, and you're only supposed to be in this level until 4 years old, but the older sister didn't pass the level, so she'll be in this class for a little while longer. The mother is a dentist, and is a single mom. I was talking to her for a bit until she ran into someone she knew at the pool.

That's when I pulled out my crochet and worked on a square for Babette. It's a tiny project that fits in my purse... so I always have it with me now.

I worked from home this afternoon after running some errands this morning. I am so happy that I got my errands done in the morning though, because I got a phone call after Mack's afternoon nap that he woke up with fever of 102. So I ran to pick up both boys, since I wasn't going to go back again at my usual pick-up time, to get Sean after. Sean was kind of upset that he had to leave early - he was missing out on snack with his friends, but I managed to convince him to come. I couldn't believe that I had to beg him to leave school.

I tried to find the right portion size of Salmon for dinner tonight. The two places I checked this morning only had "Club Sizes" for sale, or already pre-marinated, which I didn't want. I wanted about 8-10$ worth of a piece, and not 21$ where I'd have to freeze the rest. We tend to not eat frozen fish, so I didn't want to waste any. We prefer fresh, as I'm sure anyone would. Anyhow, so I was planning to go to another grocery store near the kids daycare, before picking them up, but since having to get Mack early, that ruined that plan. So I had to take both kids to the grocery store, which I hate doing. It's not fun when you want to go in for one thing, and it should be a fast quick trip. Not that way with 2 kids in the cart. Somehow I ended up with a lot more than just the fish in my shopping cart when leaving the grocery store today.

I was looking for something so I ran into the dollar store next door with both kids. That was quite the experience as well. I ended up being sucked in by me 3 year old and getting him something I had no intentions of buying. Sometimes, it's just the way he asks me for something. So sweet and so innocent. It breaks my heart. Melts me. Makes me fall like putty into his hands.

This evening I finished Zachary's Blanket while watching tv with Jamie (Chuck & Heroes - yey for tv starting up again!). I just need to finish weaving in the ends. I made it the exact same size as his sister's, which was 65 rows. The finish results, I'll show you tomorrow, after I'm done weaving in all the ends. Let me tell you, it will be a long while before I make another ripple afghan. I can't look at ripples anymore. Not for a while!


Robin said...

I can't believe how grown up Sean looks! He really is a big boy now!

Amelah said...

Aww! Hope Mackie feels better!!!

OMG soo hard to say no to Sean!!!

Bea said...

Love the set up for the kids in the pool. Its nice to have a bit of a private class. I think having to beg Sean to leave class can only be a good thing. Maybe he'll really like regular school too.

We often eat the frozen fish. The closest place that sells fresh is an hour away from us and its hard to get there all the time. They are a butcher place so they will cut any size/ounces you want. I usually stock up on meat type things while I'm there because they have everything you can think of. But most of it ends up in the freezer. Seafood we eat fresh there and I buy prefrozen fish when that runs out because the flash freeze doesn't taste as frozen as the freeze it yourself does.

Tara said...

Maxime not only gives me the puppy dog eyes, which I can handle (sort of), he actually did a puppy dog WHINE this morning! I just burst out laughing, it was so cute! But I didn't give him what he wanted, heh.

g-girl said...

hope mack felt better after getting home. i think it's cute that sean didn't want to leave school!