Sunday, January 03, 2010

january three

Today I went to the afternoon Habs game with my mom. We had a really good time, even though the Habs lost. We lost to the Buffalo Sabres 1-0. Today was my first time not knitting at a Habs game, but I did work on a square for Babette - in crochet! I made one square while at the game and another at home this evening. I will post progress pictures of Babette tomorrow - it's already far too dark to take pictures of anything.

Jamie is super sick. If he had fever and other symptoms he said it would have been H1N1. But it's not. He has no fever but just feels like crap. He says today passed by like a complete blur. He stationed himself in our den on the garage floor level of the house, as he said it was the most central place to station himself. He said he could hear the kids in the playroom if they were there and he could hear them in the basement if they were there playing. Mack napped for most of the time I was at the game and Sean actually took a nap with Jamie he said. So I didn't feel too bad leaving him sick alone with the kids. Heck, I've done it before, being very sick and home with 2 kids that are sick as well. The kids were fine, they have free reign of the house, I wasn't worried about anything.

Ok, so let's talk about some of my knitting goals. I think this yarn diet is going to kill me. I know some project is going to pop up and I'll be like "Ugh, I don't have yarn for this..."... Yeah. But I am going to stick to it. I have plenty in my stash, and I could knit until I'm 105 years old with the amount of yarn I have in my stash, probably. (Ok, I might be exaggerating, but it's quite close!) Though, I am accepting yarn as gifts, (birthday, mother's day, anniversary... you know... from other people!) I think I'll be okay. I must stay strong. I must have the power. I did make 2 last 2009 purchases last week. I had some money in my paypal and was like... I need a bit of this and a bit of that, so I placed an order with Knitpicks and at a Canadian online yarn shop and should be getting those goodies in the mail soon. I am not in any clubs this year (gave up those after 2008 ended actually, and didn't miss those in 2009).

Knitting Goals of 2010....

I want to absolutely knit myself at least one sweater... if not more. I definitely have sweater worthy yarn and sweater worthy quantity of yarn in my stash. First up, I'd like to knit myself a February Lady Sweater as I've been wanting to make myself one forever.That's on the top of my list. Also, if I get the chance to in 2010, as I'll be (mainly) knitting for myself this year (with a few exceptions of promised gifts). I'm also looking at the Featherweight Cardigan the Cozy Bolero, maybe Monday Morning Cardigan or even her Amelia. I also like Bernhardt or Tamzin or Cardigan Mango or The Concetta Cardigan or Trilo or even Tea Leaves Cardigan. I'm also loving this new pattern that I just queued, called the Myrtle Cardigan. You see, the options are endless. However, I do know that I plan to make myself at least one, and it will be the February Lady Sweater. That's for sure.

The next question is which yarn to use. I have sweater quantity yarn on it's way to me in the mail, I'm sure it'll get here by tomorrow. So we'll talk about that tomorrow.

I also want to accomplish as much as I can from my WIPs so that I don't enter 2011 with too many UFOs.

Right now I have a bunch of unfinished projects. Let's start with the active ones. (Click on the image above to see it in larger). I have from left to right: Mara, Zachary's Blanket, Babette, Drop Stitch Scarf, Leftover Sock Yarn Blanket & Mack's Cabled Pullover.

Mara is almost done. I should be able to get it finished this week. Zachary's Blanket deadline is near January 8th, so I will get that finished up by next weekend at some point. Babette will be ongoing, but the squares don't take me too long to make it'll be the finishing afterwards that will take forever. The same thing goes for the Leftover Sock Yarn Blanket, that is an on going project and I'm okay if that ends up being my ONLY 2011 project that I'll be starting the year with. Let's see if I can make that happen. The Cabled Pullover may get frogged. It's in 18 month size (which Mack is now officially wearing) and I can't bring myself to finish it. Maybe it's the color. Maybe it's the pattern. I don't know. Maybe I'll finish it one day and give it to another kid before they are 18 months. We'll see. I'll make that decision when I get to it. But right now... I'm not loving it. It probably is the color, even though I love burnt orange.

Then I have some projects in Hibernation ("ZZZ"). My Jaywalkers, 50% done. My married sock, 50% done. Woven Trellis Scarf, which is about 65% complete. And lastly, Sophia, which didn't get too far into the project... but still remains started and in the project bag with all the yarn. It's very possible that this yarn will end up as another project. We'll see. I'll decide when I get there. I have 14 balls of the yarn in that project, so I am sure I could make any other sweater with that yarn if Sophie never gets any further.

Ah, so there you have it. I hope I accomplish all that I set forth this year. I have lots of things in mind to do - let's hope I can accomplish it!

Off to go watch and all new episode of Desperate Housewives. I waited 20 minutes in so that I could skip commercials. God Bless my PVR!


g-girl said...

sorry to hear how sick jamie was! hopefully he'll get better soon. good luck with your knitting goals especially the yarn diet! i'll have to remember not to show you stuff. lol. what about purchasing yarn on gift cards that were given to you? (i know, i'm bad..i'm trying to give you another possible out!). maybe you should just frog the projects you're not too into? i know it's easier said than done but you get to a point where you know you don't want to work on a project any longer.

Bea said...

Sorry Jamie is so sick. I hope several days later this is finding him well.

Good luck on the stash knitting. I've found that I don't feel so tempted if I just go look at and fondle my yarn that I already own and think about the great things I can knit with those!

I need to knit myself a sweater too. I wear the one I knitted in 2007 all the time. Its about time I make myself another. I'm not sure what the pattern will be though. I have yarn for basically two cardigans (cardigans because they are easier to use as layers...not much need for full on sweaters here except in my office). I'm going to check out your links for other sweaters.

I think if you don't love the sweater for Mack you should frog it. He won't get much use out of it at the size it is. You'll probably love the yarn/color for a different project later on once it isn't being marred by a project you just don't love. I think I need to think about what projects I have going on that need to get done. I can think of a couple that have been languishing in my WIP section of ravelry.

Amelah said...

Glad I did not miss much at the game I passed up then!!!!

Then again mom and i had the winning touch last year, every game her and i went to we won! Maybe that's why we lost ;)

Why no knitting @ the game?

Good luck with your knitting goals for 2010.

Tara said...

If I might make a teensy suggestion re the Babette blanket: weave in your ends as you go! It'll make finishing that much easier.