Tuesday, January 26, 2010

january twenty-six


Today we flew home. I safely managed to get some hockey packages for Sean without him seeing me buy them, so that he would have hockey packs to open on the airplane. He collects goalies only, so the others I have no idea what to do with since Mack has no interest in them yet. If there had been a little boy on the airplane Sean’s age or older, I’d have given them to him. There were other kids on the airplane, but not in that category.

After a lot of fighting sleep, Mack finally fell asleep for an hour on the flight. He napped on my mom. Our flight was delayed as the flight that left Montreal to come here to get us to take us back was delayed by about half an hour.


However, we made up time on the way home because of the winds. Instead of it being a 3 hour and 30 minute flight we made it home in 2 hours and 48 minutes bringing us home only 15 minutes later than we were supposed to land.


I worked on my Babette on the flight. I had no issues at security with my aluminum crochet hook. They didn’t even go into my bag after it went through the x-ray machine.


Of course Sean fell asleep as the plane was descending into Montreal. Funny kid. He slept through landing (with that bump, I’m not sure how it didn’t wake him up) and I finally woke him up after most people had cleared off the plane. We had to wait until everyone was off the plane until we could get off as we had to wait for them to deliver my stroller to the gate.

Speaking of the stroller… They broke a part on it. It’s not even my stroller. It was borrowed. I felt soooo bad that they broke one of the buttons (to open it). I was given the name of the repair company and a claim number from Westjet to get it fixed. Usually they take care of it, but it could take up to 3 weeks. Because I have it, they will probably get it done faster, and I will get the stroller back to the person I borrowed it from faster. It’s the button to open the stroller up that they broke. It’s not 100% broken off, but it’s hanging. I don’t think I’ll ever borrow anything ever again when I’m flying. Maybe if I am traveling by car, but you cannot rely on the airline to safely take care of your items. As we were walking off the plane we saw luggage falling off the conveyer belt off the airplane onto the floor. The guy who was unloading wasn’t doing it fast enough and luggage was falling down. I am glad I had nothing breakable in my suitcase. Anyhow, I will call the repair company tomorrow to find out exactly where they are located (they’re off the island of Montreal on my way to work) and what hours they operate and how long it will take to fix). I am glad that I will be able to get it fixed though. That’s the most important. Westjet told me that if they can’t fix it, they’ll replace the stroller. Either way, I just want to get the person I borrowed the stroller from, back her stroller in working condition.

Going through customs was a breeze. The guy barely asked any questions. Actually, he made an observation and said “He surely was a birthday gift” in regards to Mack. I responded “Well actually I missed my birthday dinner as my water broke just before we were about to get ready to leave, and he was almost born on my birthday”. He chuckled. Glad he was in a good mood. I am shocked that a man actually paid attention! Usually men and birthdays don’t mix…! I always have to remind Jamie of birthdays. I thought it was cute/funny that he noticed that.

I can tell you that a flight at noon is a lot easier than flying at 7 am with 2 young children. I will never ever again fly at that hour of the morning with 2 young children. Getting up at 3:30 am to make a 7:40 am flight will only happen if the kids are staying back at home. And after being away for a week with both kids without Jamie, I now feel like I need a (small is okay) vacation from my vacation. I’m burned out. Totally exhausted. I need the next couple of days to just cool down, chill out and veg.

This evening that’s just what we did. After supper we put the kids to bed, and I think they were extremely happy to see their own rooms again (Mack squealed when he saw his crib/dream screen). Jamie & I vegged out on the couch and watched some tv that our PVR recorded while I was away and I worked on some more squares for Babette. One of these days we’ll have to catch up on the 5 hours of 24 we’ve got. It started the Sunday night before I left with a 2 hour premiere, then 2 hours the night before I left, and then 1 hour last night. I’m very excited that we have a few shows to start watching again together, as there hasn’t been much on tv for a while. With 24 starting, Lost starting next week, Chuck started again… and a new season of Survivor starting up in February, we’ve finally got stuff to watch! (This equals knitting or crochet time for me!) Multi-tasking is the only way to go with watching tv or a movie.

I am glad to be home. I missed Jamie. I missed my own bed. I missed my own things. I missed my own space. It’s great to be home. Home sweet home.


Amelah said...

I can't believe Sean fell asleep twenty minutes into landing!! Good to know your kids don't get motion sickness!!!

Atleast they are going to repair the stroller and did not give you any issues on that! Thank God!!

dawn said...

That sucks about the stroller...darn airlines. My addi turbo needles got bent in my suitcase on the way back from Ohio and I was sooooo sad!

jeloca said...

Welcome back! I hope they take care of Maggie's stroller for you, it sucks when you borrow something and have no control over what happens to it. :(

g-girl said...

glad you guys made it safely home. i'm sure you missed everything that was 'home' related! oh no about the stroller but at least you'll be able to get it fixed!

Bea said...

I'd say welcome back, but I think you are actually quite a bit farther away from me now. Sorry about the stroller. That pretty much sucks.

Tara said...

I hear you on the needing a vacation from your vacation! Travelling with 2 kids, especially without your partner, is totally exhausting. Glad you had fun though!