Sunday, January 24, 2010

january twenty-four :: the morning

This morning, while I stayed back at my grandmother’s condo, doing load number 4 of this trip (the laundry seriously never ends), Sean went out for a walk with my mother & sister.

He got to climb in trees, which he found very cool.


I stayed back and gave Mack a bath. Since he’s still tiny, he got it in the sink again, just like last year. Though, this year’s trip, will most likely be the last time he’ll be getting a bath in the sink.

It took us forever to get out of the condo today, as my grandmother was doing some laundry as well. I had to do a load unfortunately, because Mack woke up in the middle of the night this morning (somewhere around 3:30 am or so) soaking wet. I changed him (clothes & diaper) and had to put down a towel under us, so that we could go to bed. If it were morning, I would have been able to take off the sheet and do laundry, but not this morning. There was still plenty of time to sleep before morning. I’m glad I was able to get him back to sleep without having to make him another bottle. I am also really happy that the way he was when he woke up soaked didn’t get any of the blankets wet. If those got wet, there was no more blankets for us to use, as they were all being used up in the condo.

We’re on our way shortly to the zoo. Finally we’re doing something “touristy”! Maybe we’ll even get to the beach before we leave, if there is time. We’re thinking either today after the zoo, or tomorrow.


Amelah said...

hahah Mack is too cute in the sink - AGAIN!!! :)

We enjoyed our walk and Sean enjoyed being a monkey in the tree! He could not wait to get back to tell you and Bubbie Rita!!

g-girl said...

hey, how'd you get the pics to come out with rounded corners? i like it!

Tara said...

Well who knows, you might have another one to put in the sink next year, right? :)