Friday, January 22, 2010

january twenty-two

Last night when I went into where I am sleeping, I found Mack like this. Asleep, but mainly on the floor, instead of on the blow up mattress we are sharing. I safely put him back up on the bed, but it was too cute, I had to take a picture.


We hung around my grandmother’s condo while we waited for some more laundry to be done. Load number 3 since having arrived in Florida. Mack woke up soaked this morning (rare for him), so I had to do another load.


I tried to get a really nice photo of the 2 of them wearing their new shirts (special for their Dad), but getting the 2 of them to sit & smile at the same time is quite near impossible these days!


We headed to the Flea Market today – Festival Flea Market. We went there last year, and we really liked it there so we decided to go back this year. I had a few items on my list (still a size 3 bathing suit for Sean, but still no luck finding one for a decent price), but didn’t buy anything on my list. I did buy a gift for Jamie, though, so that took care of one item off my gift list.

When we got to the Flea Market, first we went to get out “coupons”. With them, for every 5$ you spend, you get 1$ off. First stop after getting the coupons was lunch, as it was getting late and I had to feed the kids. I got a hot dog with fries & nuggets for the boys to share, and a hamburger for myself. My mom got some pizza and a coffee for my grandmother, who wasn’t so hungry. Half-way into eating, Mack decided he did not want to eat, so he pushed my tray, into the tray with the nuggets, which was in front of my grandmother, where her hot coffee was and her full cup of super hot all over herself! It all happened so fast that I did not realize what was going on until my grandmother was frantically jumping around. Sean started to cry as a little bit of the coffee got into his eye.

I grabbed Mackenzie, and Amy ran first to get some ice and napkins to put on Sean’s eye, and then into the bathroom to check on my grandmother. It spilled all over her left arm, on her stomach and lap. She was soaking wet. Amy got some cream from security for her to put on her arm (which is the only place that she got burned on) and she said it helped her feel better. It was for burns. My mom took her home to change, while Amy & I walked around the flea market.


The only thing I bought for myself today at the flea market was some Cover Girl concealer, that are usually around 8$ at home, they were 3$ each, then 1$ off with the coupons. So exciting. (Can you tell my sarcasm?) I hope there is nothing wrong with them, that they were that cheap. It’s the only real makeup I wear.


I feel so bad about what happened to my grandmother, but she told me it was not my fault, and that accidents do happen. I just feel really bad, that’s all. It was my child that hurt her, and I just feel awful. You know? Her arm seems better this evening, so hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be a lot better.

This evening we went to Town Center (in Boca, FL). My mom had something to take care of at Macy’s and also at Sears. Still no luck with a size 3 bathing suit for Sean. Old Navy had some, but at the same (expensive) price I could get at home. So I passed on those. We had dinner in the food court tonight for something simple and I had a really good Philadelphia Cheese steak from Charlie’s for dinner. It was really good. We went into Waldenbooks, which is closing up, and they had all books 60-80% off. I found 4 titles, and I can’t wait to read them.

Well, that was all the excitement for today. Hoping there are no accidents tomorrow. Glad everyone is okay.


Bea said...

Maybe Mack likes his pillows firm? Love Sean's expression in the second matching shirts photo. Too funny.

carolyn said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I can remember when I was a kid that I accidentally shut my grandmother's hand in the car door when we were going into the restaurant. These things are accidents, although you feel absolutely horrible. I read your newer post and it sounds like she's doing better - and if she keeps putting burn cream on it, she'll heal up in no time. I'm sure she knows it's an accident and isn't mad at Mackenzie. Hugs!

Amelah said...

Glad Bubbie is okay! Could have been worse!!!

Hahaha I almost died when I walked in and saw Mack asleep!

Glad u FINALLY got an okay pic of the two of them in their I love Daddy shirts!!!

g-girl said...

hope your grandma is okay now. poor thing. i'm sure you felt guilty! love the pic of the sky. :)

Tara said...

Hey, accidents happen. Don't sweat it, it wasn't anyone's fault. And I think the second picture with Mack & Sean is adorable!