Wednesday, January 06, 2010

january six :: 81 weeks old

Mack is 81 weeks old today!

I worked at home today and then ran a few errands in the afternoon before having to pick up the kids from school. I needed to do some groceries, and went to one that has an entire clothing section. I picked up a few shirts that were on liquidation, as I have a birthday party to go to in 10 days and wanted a new shirt to wear since I don't have any winter dressier shirts to wear after losing all the weight last year. I've gotten by without needing one until now, but all my dressier shirts are fortunately packed away because they no longer fit! I also found on liquidation a pair of pj's in sizes for both the kids. They'll probably hate me later on for dressing them in the same matching outfits/pjs, whatnot, but I really don't care! I picked them up in size 2 and size 4, and I am hoping they'll both be in those sizes at the same time (Mack's in 18 months size and Sean's currently in size 3 - so they SHOULD fall into those sizes at the same time).

I am having an issue with pants. I don't have very many pairs right now, as I can't find many pants that I feel 100% comfortable wearing. I have a very love hate relationship with pants. It's also very hard when you're in between sizes...! After losing the weight last year, I do find that because I've had 2 kids, that my body, my hips are just different than they've ever been before. I tried Reitmans, as they usually have well fitting pants, so I found a pair that were on sale as they were from last year's collection (which is a-okay with me) though, I am not sure if I 100% love them and 100% feel comfortable in them, so we'll see. I cannot wait for the spring though, so I can pull out last year's wardrobe again. Capri pants and me go together very well. Ah... I'm already counting down the days until spring weather.

I popped into the swim suit store next to my dad's shop. I am still on the hunt for a size 3 (two piece or one full body suit) swim suit for Sean. I did not find a size 3 there, but I did find a size 4 that doesn't seem to be that much larger than what Sean would wear. I am going to try it on him this week. If it's too big, I'll put it away for next year when he's in that size, but if it works well now, then I have found him something - that would be great. At this point, I'm just hoping to find him something his size, as I'd like to have at least 2 suits for him, in case we're out at a pool for a couple of days and he has an accident in one, or that type of thing and I need a second one for him.

When I picked up the kids from daycare today, Mack blew a kiss to his teacher when we left. I'd never seen him do that before. He's not big into kissing at all. I'm working on him! (Sean's a huge kisser/cuddler)! Anyhow, it was really cute, and I've been trying to catch him blowing a kiss on video, but so far he won't do it in front of the camera! Bugger!

Before I left to go knitting tonight, Sean asked me to knit him a Team Canada Sweater. I was very happy! My three year old requested something for me to knit him! Well, I will figure out how to knit him a Team Canada Sweater... and at this point, it'll be for next winter. I don't think one exists yet, so I'll definitely be designing him one.

This definitely looks like a kid who wants a Team Canada Jersey. The kid is obsessed with hockey - that's for sure!

Have you heard? Cascade Yarns has sued Knit Picks for trademark infringement. The complaint is available here. The jist of it is, that Knit Picks is accused of using Cascade’s trademarks as keyword triggers, so when you Google “Cascade 220” the Knit Picks website shows up in your results.

Tonight I went knitting with my knitting group and it was a full house tonight. I worked on my Mara Shawl, as I am honestly sick of knitting ripple afghans. I've now made 3 and the 4th in progress, and I'm done with those for a while. I don't want to see another ripple for a very long time. (Here are the other three I made (one, two & three). Yep, I'm done. Over & out with the ripples!


Amelah said...

Aww cute, I have not seen Mackie blow kisses either.
Nice about Sean requested a knitted item!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots of you and the boys. Don't feel bad about dressing the boys alike - my sis and I looked like twins when we were little (she's like 2 years younger than me) and mom always dressed us the same - to the point where my twin cousins when they were younger thought we were twins

Jules said...

check out Gap and Old Navy for swimsuits - I saw some super cute ones at Fairview Gap for boys - scuba style suits, and Tshirts with separate trunks. Not sure of the price, but if Old Navy has something similar probably better priced there.

Bea said...

The boys will be cute in their pjs. They won't really notice they match until much later when they go back and read your blog and see a picture. I'm sure this won't be the only thing that embarrases them.

The team Canada sweater will be really cute.

g-girl said...

that is absolutely adorable that mack blew kisses to his teacher! i love that sean asked you to knit him a sweater. :) i, like you, am logging for capri weather again too!! having lived in la, most of my pants are for warmer weather.

Tara said...

I hear ya on the Spring Fashions, sistah! Although, I'm kind of worried about whether anything will fit, with the weight loss...