Sunday, January 24, 2010

january twenty-four :: Palm Beach Zoo

This afternoon we made it to the Palm Beach Zoo.

I can’t even begin to explain how cool it was there.

Mack had a good time, and was all smiles for the most part of today.

And Sean had the most amazing time ever. He was so intrigued by a lot of the animals, and was just really excited to keep seeing more animals. He even got to pet a snake (2nd to last picture on your right above).

We went on a carousel ride, I rode with Mack and Amy rode with Sean. We had a great afternoon. We wanted to let the kids run around a fountain area in their bathing suits, however by the time we got to the end, it had already closed. Our map of the zoo said it closed at 4:30pm and it was 4:10pm when we got there. There was a new sign up stating that it now closed at 4pm. If we would have realized, we would have let the kids run in the fountain earlier, and then finished the last section of the zoo afterwards as the zoo was opened until 5pm. Bummer!

If you want to see the photos in larger, you can click on any of the “View Full Album” links. This is my first time trying out this feature, so I hope it works. If thought this would be a better way of displaying the images as I had so many I wanted to post.


And of course, the long day the boys had, they were out cold in the car on the way back. We tried to find the beach, but couldn’t find where to park. We decided we’ll try to find the beach tomorrow (weather providing). We stopped for dinner at Muddy Waters, which is around the corner from my grandmother’s condo. We ate there last year, but feel that their menu changed a bit, and prices were definitely inflated since last year. The boys shared a kid’s meal as Mack hasn’t been eating his full meals lately and food has gone either to the garbage or sitting in the fridge here. There isn’t too many days left on this trip for the kids to eat the leftovers, so I figured tonight they could share, and it’s a good thing they did.

This evening was the first evening that I had problems putting Mack to sleep. He just didn’t want to go to bed. At first he wanted to play. He was climbing all over me on the air mattress. Then he heard my mother’s voice, so we went out of the room for a bit, since he got out of bed himself. We put him in the booster seat we brought for him for a while, and he had a tiny snack and then my mom & I tried to put him to bed together. It took both of us lying on either side of him to get him to sleep tonight. What a little bugger. He’s sleeping soundly next to me right now, and is beyond adorable.

I’ve been working on my mom’s cowl, and should have it done tomorrow. I’ve been working on it whenever I have either my hands free in the condo, or we’re driving in the car (when the kids are strapped in and have no where to go), otherwise I don’t get any knitting time. I am making my mom’s cowl a little longer than the normal size A Neck Warmer for Coreen should be, but that’s because it’s my mother’s request for length. I picked up 2 buttons for it while here in Florida. I really hope that it works out nicely with the Cadena yarn.

Alright, I can no longer keep my eyes open tonight, I am off to bed.


Amelah said...

I wish I could knit in the car :( Maybe if I get those sea bands...i can wear it in the car and try knitting :) hmmm...something to think about for next trip!!

I had fun at the Zoo! Glad we got to something "vacation-y"

dawn said...

What a cool looking zoo, and the boys look like they had a blast.

g-girl said...

the zoo looks like it was a lot of fun! i like that dragonmouth and that think made of sticks that is a background in the pic of you and the boys! cool that sean had so much fun! sorry you had trouble getting mack down..maybe he's ready to go home?

Bea said...

The zoo looks like a lot of fun. Sorry about Mack having a rough night sleeping. That was my night last night.

Tara said...

Ooh, that album feature is really cool! Definitely an awesome way to show off all your beautiful pictures with a vintage-y feel :)