Monday, January 04, 2010

january four :: 157 weeks old

Sean is 157 Weeks old today.

Here are the 2 squares I made yesterday. I started the peachy colored one and finished it at the Habs game, and the grey one, I made last night before working a bit more on my Mara Shawl.

Babette is coming along. I've got 20 squares done in total. There are 2 squares that didn't make it into this photo, one is blocking (I'm testing out something) and the other, I'm not too sure why it's not in this picture. I am not too sure how many squares I'm going to need to make, but I know it's a lot more that I do need! I want to make it large enough for a 2 seater couch.

They are just so fun to make, and take under 30 minutes per square, depending on how focused I am, or if I have a child hanging on to my leg or trying to sit in my lap. And they are turning out so nicely in just the solids/tonals/semi-solids. I hope I have enough leftovers to make a full size blanket.

Mack started at Sean's daycare today. I took him and got him settled in. Sean had his first swim lesson of the new season this morning and since he's now in a semi-private class (with 2 other people) on his own now, and I no longer have to go into the pool with him anymore, my mom took him, so that I could pay full attention to Mack and his first day in his new class. When my mom brought Sean after his swim lesson, she was told that Mack had just stopped crying after about almost 2 hours. I knew he wouldn't cry all day.

I ran some errands this morning. Jamie stayed home sick today and worked from home. I did some groceries before picking up the kids from daycare late afternoon. I had a hunch, so I went with it, and asked them again if they found a cell phone, and one of the girls that I know from high school that works with, looked into it. And what do you know... they had it. I was sooooo happy. I was ready to transfer my line this evening to my father's old cell phone that he was going to give to me. I couldn't believe it. So I bought some lotto tickets figuring that today is my lucky day! You can't imagine how happy I am. (As much as I hate my phone, I was still happy to see it!) Phew! Disaster averted and my line is now reactivated back to normal from the "hold" they had it on from Saturday when I called them. I swear, it was just my luck that they had it!

When I picked up Mack he was happily playing in his classroom. He was happy to see me and they said that they think he'll adjust nicely and quickly. It's a lot easier that he's been in daycare since September. A lot easier. He knows Sean's daycare from all the times we've picked up and dropped off Sean there, so it's not a strange building to him. They said he did nap a bit today, but that he just needs to adjust from napping at his old daycare in a crib to the mats in his new classroom. I am not worried. They also told me stuff I already knew, like the fact that when he wants something, he'll throw a fit until he gets it. They've already discovered that! I really like his teachers, (Sean's teachers from last year) so I am not worried at all.

Tonight Jamie & I watched the 2 hour episode of Heroes that was on. It was really good. I worked a lot more on Mara. It's coming along nicely. The next part I have to knit in front & back (kfb) into almost every single stitch on the needles. I already have over 300+ stitches. I'm not sure how fast I'm going to be able to finish the last 4 inches as it'll be over 600+ stitches and counting (still increasing every other row!) It's insane the last bit...! I hope I can get through it quickly. At least it's worsted yarn so 4 inches shouldn't take me too many rows. I just want it to be finished already... so many more things to work on!


Bertha said...

Hey, did you ever get the yarn I sent you for the babette? I sent them over 2 months ago so I hope they've arrived by now!

g-girl said...

i'm so glad mack had a pretty good first day at his new school. :) he's going to adjust quickly. glad you were able to find your phone! your squares for babette are lovely!

Bea said...

Babette is looking great. Its going to be really colorful.

Sounds like day 1 at daycare went really well and Mack is going to adjust faster this time.

Amelah said...

Squares are looking good! Can't wait to see them being put together!

Glad to hear Mack is adjusting well.

Tara said...

The squares are looking good! Great idea to block them as you go, too. I've officially fallen off the Heroes bandwagon. I just don't friggin' care what happens to these people anymore!