Sunday, January 10, 2010

january ten

Today was just an odd day. Firstly, early this morning before waking up, I dreamed of eating French toast for breakfast. Then, after I get out of bed and make my way to the kitchen, Jamie says to me "I'm making french toast, how many pieces would you like?"

Then this afternoon, I tell Jamie that I wouldn't mind Tutti Giorni for dinner this evening, as I was craving one of their pasta dishes, and could practically smell it, and then my dad calls me up on their way back home from picking up my grandmother and says "We're stopping at Tutti Giorni to pick up pasta for dinner, what would you guys like"....

Wow... I swear. I couldn't believe it. How the heck did I know this all? Well, if we wouldn't have had Tutti Giorni for dinner this evening, Jamie said that we would have it one day this week on his way home from work, he'd pick it up. I love their whole wheat vongoli dish. It's really good, and I haven't been able to figure out how to re-create the sauce. One of these days. I need to get my cooking mojo back first.

At one point this afternoon while I was chugging away at Zachary's Blanket - determined to get it finished asap... (I kinda put it down for a while as I couldn't look at another ripple afghan for a bit, as this is now my 4th one in such a short period of time), and lost in my own little world catching up on Nip/Tuck and Jamie calls for me to come downstairs with my camera. The boys, were acting cute, and Mack was "reading" a magazine to Sean on my rocking chair.

The two of them, seriously, crack me up.

I'm *this* close to finishing up Zachary's Blanket. I will be able to finish it up tomorrow, and then I have to weave in all the ends... that's the part I dread when making a blanket with constant color changes.... Anyhow, I hope Zachary likes it... Here's to hoping.


Amelah said...

Can you dream we are gonna win the lotto :) LOL

LOL my nephews r wayyyy to cute together :-)

Bea said...

So weird.

Love the expressions on the boys faces in the second photo.

Tara said...

Could you dream of me on a beach in Mexico?

g-girl said...

that is so cool about the french toast and the pasta place. i love when that happens. :) adorable shots of the boys--especially the last one!