Thursday, January 14, 2010

january fourteen

Since the kids were feeling better today they went back to daycare as of today. As soon as I was able to leave, I headed into the office for a little bit. I hadn't been in since last week since the kids were home yesterday & Tuesday and I had a lot of work to take care of.

Today I started a neck warmer for my cousin Lisa. At Sean's 3rd birthday party she asked me if I'd make her one. I never said anything to her, but will surprise her on Saturday at my cousin's son's 1st birthday party with it. I'm knitting up my own pattern, A Neck Warmer for Coreen. They knit up pretty fast, and I have one more to do after I finish this one.

I love cables. They're so dainty.

Did you know that Michael C. Hall, the actor who plays Dexter on the HBO show Dexter, is in remission for Cancer. I can't believe it! I'm glad he's okay though, I like him as an actor. I read it in this article. I had no idea he was married in real life to his tv show sister. It seems season 5 will still go into production this year as planned. It's so sad. I'm glad that he's in remission.

Tonight I sat on the couch knitted away on the neck warmer and watched some tv. There was a Habs game on tv. We won tonight, 5-3 against Dallas. Go Habs Go!


Amelah said...

More laundry to do LOL??

One of these I wanna make a neck warmer too...gonna make them match my Bella Mittens, that yarn since I have so much left over.

Maybe I will use your it free?

Bea said...

The neckwarmer is really cute. I can't remember if I said that on the party post. Oh well its cute here and finished.

g-girl said...

mack has that 'sick' look that kids get in this pic. :( poor kid! glad he's better and was able to go back to school.

Tara said...

I'm now completely hooked on that show! I agree, it's so sad that they've been hit with this disease. Hopefully he'll pull through!