Thursday, January 07, 2010

january seven

This morning I was so happy that after months of searching for the Wii Fit DVD that I knew I had hid because Sean got his hands on it, I finally found it when I wasn't looking for it. Isn't that always the case? It was in my undies drawer, safely tucked between the last 2 undies so it wouldn't scratch in the drawer, since the case was probably downstairs and I guess I've been doing the laundry enough (never ending) that I never ran that low on undies so I didn't come across it, and didn't realize it was there! Now... if only I could figure out where I hid our sling catcher remote (the original one that we lost) if I actually did hide it, or if Mackenzie did indeed throw it in the garbage. That one is still a mystery. For the Wii Fit DVD, I was going to give it until after my upcoming trip, and then call or email or contact Nintendo to see if there was a way to buy just the DVD as I have the balance board, and don't need another one.

This morning Sean was late to school since he fought me about doing up the zipper on both his sweater & his snow suit himself. I gave him the option (I've been doing the option thing lately, and giving him choices), of having me help him get it started, but letting him zip it all the way up, or doing it himself and being very late to school missing his science class. He chose to do them all himself, and it took a good 15-20 minutes, so he was indeed late and missed out on science, which is one of his favorite classes. Though, I did give him the choice, so that was his decision. He was sad when he got to daycare that his friends were just coming out of the science class when he got there, but that was his decision, which I reminded him. I find this option thing saves a lot of fighting, and also allows me to pick my battles very wisely. Some battles with my kids are just not worth fighting, though some are, and I decide using many factors (what time it is, do we have the time, do we have somewhere to be, etc...).

I worked at home today. I got a lot done. I also had some time to do some cleaning, and did a few things that I don't like my cleaning lady to do, or ask her to do, as she was here this morning. I also had some time before having to pick the kidlets up from daycare to sit on the couch and work on Zachary's Blanket, since his birthday is tomorrow. I know that it won't be done for tomorrow, but I plan to get it finished over the weekend, which I've let Zachary's grandmother know. (My (ex)aunt). She said she'd come by sometime next week to get it - so I still have a bit of time. So I plopped myself on the couch and caught up on some Cake Boss. I love that Buddy made a cake in an Easy Bake oven which is aimed at 8+ year old girls. That was the funniest. I've got a bunch of episodes still to go on my PVR, and then I want to catch up on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I have a bunch of episodes to go before the final season/final episode, and since I've invested enough time into the show already, I want to finish watching from what I've seen already. Plus, I'm curious as to how the show ends, due to their divorce. I think I've got like 16 episodes to watch, or something crazy like that, but most of them are 30 minutes, (well about 22 minutes without commercials), except for maybe 1 or 2 that are 1 hour long.

I took the kids to McDonalds tonight for dinner. Jamie went to the Habs game tonight with a friend, so I was alone with the 2 kids and didn't feel like cooking dinner.

I went to the McDonald's that is located in the Walmart, as I had a few items to pick up on my list from there.

Also, since they were both really good at daycare today, it was a little treat/reward for them. I probably would have come up with plan B had Sean not behaved in class today, but he's been a really good boy lately and napping every day at school too. I thought they deserved the treat.

After dinner and a little shopping, I took the kids to Zellers, but didn't find what I was looking for there. Then, I went to CAA (like AAA but for Canadians - the Automobile Association) as I remembered that I'd seen a really nice wallet there, that I liked a while ago. Jamie told me to go pick up a new wallet as a gift from him for Christmas (since the gift he did get me, I had already and he's already returned it). I was mentioning that I needed a new wallet, so he told me to get one and it'll be from him. So I found something similar to what I'd seen there, but that I liked more. Since they were incredible inexpensive, I picked up a second wallet, and told Jamie what he got me. I really like them. I will photograph them tomorrow in daylight and show you tomorrow.

After leaving CAA I went to go put my Mastercard and my Visa back into my wallet. The Mastercard I'd used for dinner, and my Visa at CAA. However, all I could find was my Visa. I traced my steps. I called Walmart because I couldn't get the number to the McD's in Walmart, and they didn't have it. I asked them for the number to McD's, they didn't have it. I asked them if they could send someone to the counter in McD's since it was almost right next door, as I had both kids in the car with me, and they sent someone over. I waited a chunk of time and then someone came back to the phone to let me know that they found it at McD's and they would bring it to Customer Service. So I ran back to Walmart, re-parked the car, got both kids out of the car and back into Walmart. I got my Mastercard. I won't ever do that again. What a pain in the arse when you are alone with 2 kids running errands. I rarely take both kids to do errands, but they were a must tonight.

Luckily I was able to get my Mastercard back. I've been on quite the roll lately. Though, everything I've lost, I've gotten back. (Mastercard, cell phone... Wii fit Dvd...) I need to start paying more attention to my things... and not forgetting. It's so hard though, sometimes you just get so distracted. Mommy brain sucks sometimes. I swear!


Amelah said...

Could have called me :-) I dont mind coming to hang out with you and the boys!!!!

Those pics of Mackenzie are HILARIOUS!!!

Bea said...

Wii Fit is fun! Ok so you probably knew that. I like the idea of giving Sean options/choices. Its good that he's understanding his choice vs yours. Love that photo of Mack sticking the fries in his mouth. Too funny.

Tara said...

The pics of Mack with the fries are hysterical. And I agree with you on the Mommy-brain thing, sometimes I wonder how I get half the stuff I need to do done, I'm just on auto-pilot.