Saturday, January 23, 2010

january twenty-three


This morning while we were waiting for everyone to get their stuff together to leave, Sean had my grandmother play some bowling with him. My grandmother’s arm is doing a lot better. It’s not stinging her anymore, which is really good. And I’m so glad she’s not mad at me for Mack spilling the coffee on her, as it was a complete accident.


When we finally had our act together, we piled in the car. Since it was supposed to rain today (and it actually looked like rain), we decided to take care of some errands, and get them over with. Our first stop was Michaels. We don’t have Michaels in Montreal. I picked up a few things there to bring back home with me, as I just love some of the stuff they had there. And no, I didn’t buy any yarn (Michaels doesn’t have much stuff that doesn’t have acrylic in it anyhow). I did touch the Lion Brand Thick & Quick, as I was curious as to how acrylic-y it felt, but since it’s 80% acrylic, it felt a little too “plastic-y” to me. I did pick up the latest Vogue Magazine, which I didn’t have yet.

After Michaels, I sat in the car with the boys while some errand were done that I didn’t want to go and do.


Mack showed off his beautiful smile.


Then he decided to see if he could get his feet above his head.

Then Sean tried to do the same too.


This woman walked by us. My mouth dropped on how she was wearing her baby in the carrier. Her baby was bouncing up and down around her crotch area. I am not a babywearing expert, but I can tell you that I own a few different slings and baby carriers, and you do NOT wear your child down by your crotch area. I swear, I thought her baby was going to fall to the ground.


I cast on my mom’s cowl while we were in the car.

I am knitting another Neck Warmer for Coreen, in Knitpicks Cadena in Coal (Blank). I’m knitting it double stranded, as Cadena is a bulky weight and my pattern calls for a super bulky. It’s knitting up quite nicely double stranded. I’ll take a progress picture tomorrow, so you can see it better.


We came back to my grandmother’s condo for lunch. After a quick bite, Amy & I took the kids out back to let them run around for a bit. They have had a lot of excess energy on this trip. Giving them time to run around is a good thing.


They played soccer for a bit.boysingrass

They soaked up some sun.


They were just too cute together.


I love it.



Late afternoon we went back to the flea market as my mom had an exchange to do, and I had something I was looking for. I did find, it, and bought it. It’s a table cloth, for a round table, that hugs the table like a shower cap. This is a genius idea, and we’d heard a lady talking about it as we were leaving the flea market yesterday. This is great for my glass table in my kitchen, no more dirty finger prints, nor my children pulling the table cloth off the table. The one I got fits tables 36” to 48” wide, so I’m hoping that it’ll fit my table without me being there to measure it. Though, the lady showed me the maximum size of the table that is fits on, and I’m pretty sure my table it that size or a tad smaller. She asked me how many it seated (4 people) and said that I shouldn’t have a problem with it. My grandmother bought one for her table at home as well. If I like it, they have a website, so I could always order myself another one. But just in case, I only bought one. (Or my grandmother is in Florida until the spring, so I could always get her to pick up another one for me when she goes back to the Flea Market again, if I really wanted/needed). What a neat idea! I’ve never heard of these before.


Florida may be making my hair frizzy and not so easy to style, but the weather has completely healed my hands. No more cracked skin. I love it. I don’t want to return back home to the cold so that I don’t have to get cracked fingers again… I wish! Too bad I have to get back to work.

This evening we went to Olive Garden for dinner, and I got my fix. I love the Olive Garden, another restaurant that we don’t have at home. I love the Olive Garden. Their unlimited salad is awesome and tonight I tried their Ziti pasta dish, and it was so delicious. It’s really too bad we don’t have this restaurant in Montreal. Yum!

By the time we got back to the condo it was way past both the kids bedtimes, so I put Mack to sleep first, as I’ve been doing every night, and then finally got Sean into bed. Both of them have been quite active, but regardless, they’ve been pretty good. I again really hope that my grandmother isn’t mad at me for Mackenzie’s accident with spilling the hot coffee. I really truly feel horrible. I hope her arm heels fast.


Bea said...

I'm glad to hear your grandmother's arm is doing better. Mack is so cute! I've seen quite a few women wear babies that way and I just don't understand how it would be comfortable or safe.

carolyn said...

You have such beautiful, happy children!

Amelah said...

Can;t believe that lady with the baby!!!! OY!!!!!

Two lil monkeys! Oy were they funny!!!!! Wish I could be that flexible!!

g-girl said...

you crack me up with that pic of that woman and how she was holding her child in that carrier/sling. lol. to each his/her own, right?

Tara said...

I love it when kids show off their skillz like that, lol!