Saturday, January 30, 2010

january thirty


Today I made a batch of oatmeal cookies. They’re delicious.


I finally unpacked my suitcase and pulled out the table cloth I got for my round table.

It’s like a shower cap for the table. Pretty neat idea.


This afternoon Jamie took Sean out. It’s Hockey Day in Canada. Jamie is good buddies with a card store owner in our area. The owner was handing out hockey cards today in honor of Hockey Day in Canada, so he took Sean to go get some hockey cards. He also took Sean out for lunch, and to pick up a goalie mask. It was the last item missing for Sean’s attire. Now he’s set. (Well, he needs a proper goalie stick now, but for now, his regular stick will do).

While they were out and Mack was napping, I spent my afternoon with some friends. Coffee was drank, jokes were made, cookies were eaten, yarn was fondled, and I worked on my Spring Beret. I stupidly misread the instructions in the pattern and thought rows 1-3 in the lace were knit, but it turns out it’s rows 1 & 3 not 1 through 3, so I had to rip back to row 2 and re-start from there.

This evening Jamie played hockey, so I took a self-night. I worked on the Guild’s Newsletter (I’m editor) and then sat in front of the couch and watched some stuff that I had on my PVR. I continued working on my Spring Beret. I’m about half way done the beret. It’s a really fast knit. I’ll show you progress tomorrow. (Too dark out now to take pictures as I prefer natural light). It was so nice to have an evening to myself once the kids were in bed. I am hoping I have time tomorrow to finish the Beret as I’m sure I’ll be staying in tomorrow. It’s so darn cold out there, today it was -18°C (0.4°F) which apparently according to the Weather Network felt like -25°C (13°F). Brr! I heard it’s only supposed to warm up by Friday. Can I just hibernate at home until the spring? Or until it’s at least 0°C (32°F)?


Caroline said...

Those cookies look good! I've been craving oatmeal cookies lately!

g-girl said...

yum, oatmeal cookies! I absolutely love that tablecloth you picked up!! We have a round glass table also so I know what a pain it must've been before you got the tablecloth! Wow, check Sean out! I think I still like the hockey mask hecreated though! ;)

Bea said...

Zero degrees (C) is what it is here today. Not too bad out at all. Glad your knitting is going well.

Anonymous said...

Ok that table cloth thing is awesome! You could probably make more now that you have one for a pattern.

Tara said...

I love knitting hats, they go so fast! I can never get enough of them. And those cookies look yummy! Recipe, please?