Wednesday, January 20, 2010

january twenty :: 83 weeks old


We’re here in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Wearing some cute shoes I picked up at Wal-Mart last night. They’re the exact same ones (creature of habit), as my black ones that I got last year here at the same Wal-Mart. They’re by Faded Glory (which Wal-Mart in Canada, or rather Wal-Mart in Quebec does not carry), that I’ve seen. I was hoping that I would be able to get myself another pair of solid black ones, but I had no luck. These are cute as well. I wore these today because they match my tank top.

It was such a nice day that we decided we’d go to the pool today.


Sean wanted sunglasses, and I’d left his back in Montreal, so we headed out to the strip mall near where my grandmother lives to get him a pair. I was hoping to find him a pair at Dollar Tree or something.


Monkey see Monkey Do (with the hat).


While out, we went into a few shops. I picked up a few things at the Dollar Tree (though, they had no kids’ sunglasses at this time, I was able to find him an adult’s pair that sort of fits him, so they’ll do for now). We went into Payless and I had both kids feet measured. Sean, whom I thought was a size 7 is now almost in a size 9. (Somewhere between 8.5 and 9 Toddler). So I got him 2 new pairs of shoes, (got to love BOGO!), one pair for school and one pair for home. (It’s winter, and I hate transporting shoes back and forth since he wears boots there and back). Mack, whom I thought was in a size 4, is actually size 6. Now, American sizes are the exact same as Canadian shoe sizes, so I’m not sure what this foot growth business is all about. The sandals that both Sean & Mack are currently wearing here, (which are matching shoes), clearly fit each kid. Mack’s in size 4 sandals and Sean’s in size 7. But, the foot sizer at Payless clearly shows that Sean’s in a size 9 and Mack’s a size 6. Hmph! Well, I got Mack 2 new pairs of shoes as well, in size 6, since all of Sean’s old size 6 shoes are all worn out. (Sean started to walk in size 5 shoes, so all shoes after size 5, I didn’t keep unless they were barely worn).


While out I picked out the neatest thing. A Crust & Sandwich cutter.


You see, Sean doesn’t eat crust. This is the neatest thing ever.


Sean loved his perfect triangles. I picked up this cutter for a few of my mommy friends back home. Because honestly, it’s the neatest thing ever, and not too many kids like crust on sandwiches.

This afternoon we went to the pool as it was gorgeous out.


I picked up these floaties yesterday and they were worth the investment. (They were so inexpensive, I’m thinking about picking up another 2 to bring back to Montreal (non-flated) for the pool at home. Sean’s is aimed at ages 3-6 years old, though, he’s not standing properly in it in this picture, and the one that Mack is in, has a seat and is aimed at ages 1-2. They were perfect. Of course, we didn’t have a pump. So I spent a good half hour inflating these 2 floaties and one very large beach ball (see below). Thank heavens that losing weight pretty much made my (mild) asthma go away, as I wouldn’t have been able to blow it up otherwise. And the pump that we have for the blow up mattress that I am sleeping on, doesn’t fit tiny valves.



We played pass the ball.

Even Mack was fantastic at throwing the ball!

Mack is 83 weeks old today.

We had a good time at the pool today.

We went to the clubhouse after the kids were dry, to get a better internet signal.
The one at my grandmother’s place is quite weak, but we are able to connect.


We went for dinner tonight at Ruby Tuesday’s (again). My great-uncle has a limited menu that he eats, and this is one place that he can eat at. Sean above is examining the receipt after the waitress brought it. We told him that he was paying for dinner, and told him that if he didn’t have enough money, that he could was the dishes. He laughed.

I forgot to mention yesterday, that Mack said his first sentence! “I want cookie”. It was too cute. He said it in the car on the way to my grandmother’s condo from the airport. Shocked all of us. He usually doesn’t say much.

The sleeping arrangements are that Sean is sharing a bed with my sister in my grandmother’s bedroom. I’m on the floor sleeping on a blow up mattress, sharing it with Mr. Mack. Last night, he cuddled almost the entire night. It was nice, because he’s not my cuddler, Sean is. So this was really nice for me. We’ll see how tonight goes, and how he sleeps. I brought my old discman, with their Baby Einstein Classical Lullaby Cd to put on while they are going to sleep. Sean’s used to it every night before bed, and some nights he plays is on repeat the entire night.

Tonight I finished knitting my Mara Shawl. I love it. I can’t wait to weave in the last bits and photograph it tomorrow. The casting off was tedious. Very long. It was over 650+ stitches at this point. Just insane. I’ll give you all the details of the shawl tomorrow with the finished object post. I love it.


I leave you tonight from Deerfield Beach, Florida, with this image of the sun setting tonight.


Kimber said...

Sandwich cutters are the best! We have a heart shaped one and a dinosaur shaped one. I haven't seen a simple one like yours though and I like it. Congrats to Mack on his first sentence!

Bea said...

Cute shoes. They look really beachy too. Wow about the shoe sizes. That's sort of crazy. Maybe the sandals are made longer? Hmmm...the crust thing. That was the ONLY part of the bread I was interested in as a kid. Still really. Love the floaties. Good thing your asthma has gone away.

Amelah said...

Those shoe's were a great buy! I love my blue ones but am determined to find them in black! If u ever see in a size 10 buy them for me please!!!! [Since u go to walmart a lot more then i do!]

Yeah one day of swimming lol

Anonymous said...

I have a sandwich cutter like that! Same color too! Only mine cuts 1 sandwich into 2 dinosaurs with long necks and tails. Jakob's always asking me for "dinosaur bread" with peanut butter, or "dinosaur toast". :) Funny what they have now, eh? Back when WE were kids...our parents had to cut our crusts off with a knife! LOL

g-girl said...

i've got some of those sandwich cutters too. though I don't use them very often..i should cos I don't like the crust on sandwiches either. lol! But I give the crust to my hubby. ha. it looks as though you guys had a nice, relaxing time in florida. :)

Tara said...

Yeah, crusts can be difficult. I use the old classic : that's where all the vitamins are! lol (34 posts behind on your blog! aaaack!)