Sunday, January 17, 2010

january seventeen :: 19 months old

Mack is 19 months old today.

This morning Sean scrounged some items together to make himself some goalie attire. He was quite creative if you ask me. Heck, he even thought of finding something to make a goalie mask.

So this afternoon when we took a drive to the South Shore to pick up Jamie's Scarf, (he'd left it at someone's house back in December), we stopped off at Canadian Tire on the way home to pick up a starter kit for Sean. They didn't have the mask in stock, Jamie said he saw it at another Canadian Tire location, so he'll have to go sometime soon to get that as well. Sean says he wants to be a goalie when he grows up.

This afternoon and evening I decided I would completely organize all my photos. It was on my list of things to do in all of 2009. I mean I had photos printed as far back as September 2008 to sort through, and date. Luckily any order I did, I kept the entire folder that I sent digitally to the photo lab and was able to just look up the file number and the computer gave me the date that the image was taken, so it was super easy to write the dates on the backs of all these photos. I'm still not done, but I want to get everything dated before I leave on my trip and bring back even more photos to print. I also want to have them all organized so that I can put them all into albums (though that will probably only happen once I return from my trip as I still need to buy another album or two, as I'm sure I have more photos than I have space in the current album I last half filled). I am so happy that I kept those photo orders separate, as it made my life so much easier.

While working away I've watched 2 movies. It's Complicated & Precious. I really enjoyed them both. My father-in-law brought them both over the other night while my in-laws were here. They were both 2 different types of movies, but I enjoyed both a lot.

I've been really good and on top of the laundry today. I wanted to make sure it was all done before I left, this way anything I wanted to pack, was available to pack, and anything Jamie needed while I will be away, will be clean. I love him, but I don't like him doing the laundry.

I called CATSA today to ask a few questions regarding flying into the USA due to the restrictions placed recently because of the attempted attacks on December 25th, 2009. It's unfortunate that stuff like this has happened, and now it's harder for us traveling into the USA to do so. There is added on security, which is fine by me, because it makes it a safer traveling environment for me, it's just the added hassle for someone like me traveling with 2 young children. At least I won't be alone and I'm traveling with my mother & sister. But I feel bad for mothers or fathers that are traveling with children alone. Anyhow, so my questions were about children's toys that were allowed, as I wanted to know if it was okay to bring playdoh, toy cars, and action figures. All of the above are ok to pass through security. My aunt had told me last night that I wasn't allowed a purse and a laptop in a laptop bag and a camera is a purpose designed camera bag. Though, she hasn't flown yet (she's flying out a couple of days after me) and I wasn't sure where she got this information from, so I wanted to make sure before I took her word on it). But after speaking to a nice gentleman at CATSA, I was told that it is indeed okay for me to have a purse that falls in the size restrictions with my wallet/passports/ipod, etc in it, as well as a separate camera case and as well my laptop in a proper laptop bag. Phew. This makes my life a lot easier, and this allows a bit of extra space in my purse for a small crochet or knitting project, which knitting needles are permitted when wool is present. (I kinda find that funny, the line about the "when wool is present").

I also got a bit of knitting time today, and I have 2" of the 4" done on the last section of my Mara Shawl. I don't think it'll be finished before my trip, but maybe I'll surprise myself. If not I'll have to finish it on my trip! I am really hoping to have it done before, but the 2" took me 12 rows, and I have to do another 12 to get another 2" and at over 630+ stitches per row, that's approximately another 7560 stitches to knit in 24 hours... Hmm, I don't know? Maybe it's possible?


Amelah said...

Nice pic of U and Mack :)

Sean, what a funny kid!!! LOL

Nice equipment :)

I did the exact same thing. So all i had to do was right click, sort by date taken and was sooo much easier to put them in chronological order!! Otherwise - I dont know what I would have done!

I am still waiting though on 3 or 4orders to come in, I guess when we get back from Florida!

I wanna watch precious. Can i borrow the disc after Crystal or do u have it as a dl?

What I don't get about "wool" being they not think a terrorist or someone can not buy inexpensive yarn to explain them bringing needles on an airplane? Or is that unheard of?

Bea said...

oh, I love the face mask. Always nice to have ambition.

g-girl said...

i'm with bea--i'm lovin' the face mask! :D

Tara said...

I haven't printed any pictures in over a year. I put the Pro in procrastination, baby!!!