Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Last Harvest


We did a last harvest over the long weekend, and then pulled out the entire garden. Wow, what a job that was! There was still some red on the plants, but a lot of green. Some of the green has already started to turn to red, and I've been reading up online, on ways to turn green to red. I'm trying a few things, I'll keep you updated on how that turns out.


I'm already dreaming up next summer's garden.
(A few changes I'd like to make).





A few weeks ago, Sean had to bring some vegetables into school for his class vegetable soup. I had him go out into the garden and pick some stuff. He took some large tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes as well as a spaghetti squash. I am upset that he didn't get to bring home any soup! I would have loved to have sampled it!


Over the long weekend, I did a lot of baking (as I mentioned in my last post). That's 3 apple cakes, 2 zucchini breads and a chocolate birthday cake for my FIL's 65th. That's a lot of baking! (All in one afternoon too!)

Have you harvested your last bit of loot? Did you get anything good? Do any baking lately? Do share! Find any great recipes? I'd love to hear!


Dawn said...

We got tons of tomatoes, and some sweet corn. Can't wait to hear your how your experiment turning green to red goes.

sapphireblue said...

Wow! Nice loot! We didn't plant anything this year.

Cynthia F said...

Nice haul! We did green tomato salsa with our unripe tomatoes- it's really nice & fresh tasting!

Girl Knits said...

Nice haul girl!

Bea said...

Probably too late now, lol, but have you tried green tomato salsa? I think there are some recipes online and I've had it before and it was pretty good.

g-girl said...

they must've had a great soup at sean's school. :) can't wait to see next year's garden. :)